David Johnston’s Handpicked Advisor Is A Long-Time Liberal Donor

It gets worse and worse, as Johnston destroys his reputation and damages the nation through his despicable decision to do Justin Trudeau’s bidding.

As nearly everyone outside of Trudeau’s most rabid cultists call for a public inquiry, David Johnston looks worse and worse with each passing day since his decision to reject those calls.

Not only is Johnston’s decision being slammed almost universally – even the Toronto Star is calling for an inquiry – but Johnston’s decision to remain in the role of ‘Special Rapporteur’ and his continued insistence that he is ‘impartial’ is being shredded.

For the many people who see Johnston as having been installed in the ‘special rapporteur’ role by Trudeau solely for the purpose of helping protect Trudeau and the Liberals (along with himself given his connections to China and the Trudeau Foundation), information shared by Democracy Watch adds further weight to that perception.

It turns out that David Johnston’s handpicked adviser is a long-time Liberal donor. And unlike many members of the political/corporate elite who spread their donations among different parties to avoid the appearance of partisanship, the individual in questions seems to have only donated to the Liberals in recent years:

“Today, Democracy Watch revealed that a search of Elections Canada’s database shows that lawyer Sheila R. Block, whom David Johnston retained to assist him in obtaining, reviewing and analyzing secret information that Prime Minister Trudeau gave them access to, seems to have donated a total of $7,593.38 (listed under “Sheila Block” and “Sheila R. Block”) to only the Liberal Party of Canada from 2006 to 2022. Johnston confirms that he retained Ms. Block for these purposes on in Section II.2) of his first report (page 6 of PDF) which he released yesterday.”

Johnston’s arrogance

As noted by Conservative Senator Leo Housakos, it seems everyone involved in the refusal to hold a public inquiry is a “Liberal insider.”

The image Housakos responded to was from a Tweet noting that the person who Johnston asked for an opinion as to whether he was in a conflict of interest or not was himself a friend of Johnston:


This is rampant arrogance.

Johnston, Trudeau, and Trudeau’s cronies see themselves as above you. They believe they have the right to rule, not the responsibility to serve.

And so, they disdain any sense of accountability, and work together to stop Canadians from getting answers.

This is bad enough given how it goes against the way a democracy is supposed to function. But another huge problem is that the arrogance of people like Trudeau & Johnston isn’t matched by their competence. They simultaneously demand expanded power without accountability, while ‘delivering’ poor results. Just consider that Johnston’s defense of the Trudeau government was basically that they are too stupid to open their emails and were thus in the dark about China’s interference in our nation. While few believe that excuse, the fact that it’s what Johnston chose to go with demonstrates the pathetic incompetence of those in power.

And that incompetence + arrogance is what leads people like Trudeau and Johnston to support an agenda that constrains the true achievers in our nation and weakens us from within. They use government power to hold back the greatest among us, while denying Canadians the information we need to make truly informed decisions.

All of this is why Johnston has not only destroyed his own reputation, he’s also damaging our nation. And the damage being done won’t be easy to repair.

Spencer Fernando


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