DISGRACE: David Johnston Ignores The Will Of Parliament & Shows Contempt For Canadians By Announcing He’ll Stay On As Trudeau’s ‘Special Rapporteur’

Johnston is a disgrace to the nation. He’s doing Trudeau’s bidding and empowering China to further subvert our democratic institutions.

Following a majority of MPs voting for him to step aside, Justin Trudeau’s handpicked ‘special rapporteur’ David Johnston has announced that he’s staying in the role:


Let’s be perfectly clear about this:

David Johnston has thrown his reputation away, disgraced himself, and is now actively participating in the undermining of confidence in our democratic institutions.

A majority of MPs representing the vast majority of Canadians voted for him to step down, and he’s ignoring them, instead choosing to side with Justin Trudeau.

At this point, Canadians have to ask the following question: What are Trudeau and his cronies hiding that they are so desperate to avoid an independent public inquiry?

Spencer Fernando


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