Majority Of MPs Vote For David Johnston To Resign As “Special Rapporteur”

If Johnston remains in his role, he will be fully complicit in Trudeau’s anti-democratic and anti-Canadian coverup.

Canada is a democratic country.

At least we are supposed to be.

We aren’t a ‘direct democracy,’ in that most of the time we don’t get to vote directly on what happens. Instead, we are a representative democracy in which we elect people who then vote on what policies will be implemented.

But what happens when a government has a minority of the seats, gets repeatedly outvoted on key issues, and then ignores those votes?

Are we still a democratic nation?

Or are we instead a country ruled by a cult of personality surrounding a manifestly incompetent, dishonest, and disloyal leader.

Remember, a majority of MPs have repeatedly voted for a full independent public inquiry into China’s election interference.

In response, Justin Trudeau has simply ignored those votes. Doing so means not only ignoring individual MPs, but also ignoring the voters who sent those MPs to Ottawa to represent us. After all, the Trudeau Liberals only won 32% of the vote in the last federal election, and failed to win a majority of seats.

Thus, they have no democratic legitimacy when they ignore the majority of MPs.

By ignoring calls for a public inquiry, and by instead hiding behind David Johnston, Trudeau shows contempt for Canadians, contempt for our democratic institutions, and contempt for the truth.

David Johnston has clearly been doing Trudeau’s bidding, not working for Canadians. His report was designed to protect Trudeau – and by extension himself – rather than protect our country from Communist China’s actions.

Johnston has shredded his own reputation, and now a majority of MPs have voted for him to resign from the ‘special rapporteur’ role:

“House of Commons votes 174-150 to ask David Johnston to step down as special rapporteur and to call for full fledged public inquiry into foreign intereference. The vote indicates a majority of MPs have lost confidence in Mr. Johnston.”

The Conservatives, NDP, Bloc, Greens, and one independent MP voted for the motion.

Only Trudeau and the Liberals voted against it.

The facts are now clear:

David Johnston has lost the support of a majority of Canada’s elected representatives, and if he refuses to resign he will be making it completely clear that he is complicit in Trudeau’s coverup of China’s election interference.

Spencer Fernando


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