Speaking On Russian State TV, Senior Hamas Official Says “Russia Sympathizes With Us”

There is no picking and choosing for the West when it comes to confronting the new Axis. They are all linked, and they must all be confronted.

Sadly, it often takes horrific crimes for people in free nations to remember that evil exists. In the wake of Hamas’ savage and barbaric terrorist attack against Israel, there is a growing understanding that the free world faces a real and escalating threat from terror groups and hostile regimes.

There is also a growing understanding of the connection between those regimes.

Previously, people on both the left and the right in the West approached this growing confrontation as if it was a buffet.

They thought they could pick and choose which country to confront, while coddling the regimes that could somehow serve their own domestic purposes and could thus ‘get a free pass.’

Many on the left have been weak on confronting Iran and China.

Many on the right have been weak on confronting Russia.

In both cases, propaganda from those anti-Western, anti-freedom regimes managed to exploit domestic political concerns in order to keep us off balance and divided.

Thus, a significant portion of the right began to – in effect – work in favour of Russia’s interests by trying to end Western support for Ukraine.

A significant portion of the left – including governments that claim to be ‘progressive,’ were just fine selling out politically and financially to China and Iran.

But this isn’t a buffet.

This is a new Cold War, and our adversaries couldn’t care less whether we realize they are adversaries or not.

Hamas official brags about support from Russia and Iran while speaking on Russian state television

If there was any lingering doubt about the connections between the New Axis, consider this:

Russian propagandists also seem elated at Hamas’ horrific terror attacks against Israel:

And Russia has been deepening their already strong ties with Hamas:

Iran supports Hamas directly. Russia supports Iran.

China supports Russia and Iran.

Those on the right and the left who have been alternatively supporting Russia and China need to finally smarten up and realize that their support for those anti-Western governments weakens the free world from within and emboldens those hostile states.

China, Russia, Iran, and Hamas all want to see the free world fall, and all want to see democracy eradicated.

We must understand this.

The New Axis is real, it is a threat, and the free world must work together to ensure that freedom, democracy, and human dignity prevail.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter