In Pathetic Move, Justin Trudeau – Who Immediately Responded To Stories Based On Hamas’ Propaganda – Now Says He’s “Taking Care & Time” To Assign Responsibility For Explosion Near Hospital, Despite Clear Evidence & US Intel Showing Hamas Lied To The World

Every minute the Liberal government goes without clearly admitting that Hamas lied about Israel is another minute in which their rhetoric about standing with Israel looks more and more empty.

As we know, Justin Trudeau immediately commented on reports – now proven false – that Israel ‘bombed a hospital in Gaza.’

When asked, Trudeau didn’t wait for any information.

He didn’t question whether the information was correct.

He didn’t note that ‘Gazan health authorities’ are actually Hamas authorities.

He did none of that.

Instead, he jumped all over the reports and took them at face value:

Of course, there was no Israeli ‘bombing’ of the hospital.

Hamas lied.

It was a rocket fired by Islamic Jihad.

The rocket didn’t hit the hospital, it hit a parking lot.

And the death toll – immediately claimed by Hamas as around 500 people and steadily expanded hour after hour – also looks to be a completely false total:

“#BREAKING: European intelligence agency tells @AFP: The death toll from the Gaza hospital is between 10 and 50, not “hundreds” as Hamas claims.”

The United States – Canada’s top ally and a country with far better intel gathering capabilities than we possess – that Israel was NOT responsible.

Yet, now that the Hamas narrative is crumbling, now that our top ally is making it clear that Hamas was lying, and now that some of the news organizations responsible for spreading Hamas propaganda are slowly waking up to the magnitude of their error, Justin Trudeau is refusing to clear things up:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is taking care and time to asses all intel on who is responsible for the explosion at the hospital in Gaza given scale of global reaction.

Not clear what additional info PM is assessing beyond the US & Israeli intelligence.”

Let’s be absolutely clear here. Trudeau doesn’t have any intel the United States doesn’t have.

Canada is heavily dependent on U.S. intel.

Often, the United States warns Canada about dangerous – including terrorism – within our own country long before any Canadians were aware of it.

No, what Trudeau is doing here isn’t about waiting for more ‘information.’

It’s about his own ego, and his own political fortunes.

Justin Trudeau jumped at the chance to talk about a report falsely accusing Israel. It gave him the chance to seem ‘balanced’ (even though there is no balance between a democratic state and a genocidal terrorist organization like Hamas), and it gave him a chance to make a subtle appeal to the rabid anti-Semites who have been marching in support of Hamas’ terror. But now, when it’s beyond obvious that the whole story was based on a Hamas lie, Trudeau refuses to say so.

As David Jacobs noted, the hypocrisy is undeniable:

“Trudeau was able to immediately insinuate that Israel attacked a hospital in Gaza because Hamas said so.

But… He’s going to need some time to assess intelligence already reviewed by our allies in the US, because he wants to take care. Got it.”

Justin Trudeau needs to wake up and realize what is at stake here.

The rise of anti-Semitism is incredibly dangerous, and everyone who spreads Hamas propaganda and seeks to ‘both sides’ the issue is playing into the hands of those who have genocidal intentions against Israel and against the Jewish community.

The Prime Minister must put any short-term political considerations aside and immediately make it clear that Hamas lied to the world, and make it clear that he and the rest of the Canadian government will stop taking the claims of a genocidal terrorist organization at face-value.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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