Anti-Jewish Mobs At Concordia University Show The Need For A Decisive Crackdown On Anti-Semitism In Canada

Talk is not enough. Arrests and expulsions are needed to make it abundantly clear that this nation will not tolerate savage anti-Semitism. A refusal to act will only embolden those who hate Jewish People and who seek to undermine the West from within.

Every day brings new evidence of the truly horrific extent to which anti-Semitism has spread, and the extent to which savage anti-Semites feel emboldened to spread their genocidal hate.

At Concordia – once considered a respected Canadian higher learning institution – anti-Jewish mobs surrounded, threatened, harassed, and attacked Jewish students who had set up a table calling for those taken hostage by Hamas to be released:

“Today at @Concordia in Montréal Jewish and Israeli students set up a table to call for the release of hostages currently held by HAMAS.

They were attacked, berated and harassed, and this lovely young lady in particular decided to call a Jew a k*ke.

Welcome to Canada in 2023.”

“Here, you can see “activists” taunting and threatening Jewish students with violence after a solidarity demonstration for the kidnapped in Gaza. One girl said, “We’ll see you after class, be ready.””

As Anthony Koch said on Twitter, our politicians have to take this seriously:

“We’ve gotten to the point that police need to be called on Canadian university campuses (@Concordia) to protect the safety of Jewish students from “pro-Palestine” protesters.

Time for our politicians to start taking this seriously.”

“Calling a Jew a k*ke is the not only the equivalent of calling a black student the n-word but it’s the language of neo-Nazis.

This is not progressive it’s hate very poorly guised as justice, the same way Jew hatred has always functioned. @Concordia”

The kind of savage hate we are seeing at Concordia and some other Canadian universities is disturbingly reminiscent of universities under the Nazis.

Contrary to what many assume, universities in 1930s Germany were not hotbeds of resistance to the Nazi regime, but were often the places where book burnings were organized and carried out – in many cases ‘independently’ by radicalized students.

Many of the defenders of the Nazi regime were well-ensconced at universities, and they provided long and complex-seeming explanations that sought to ‘justify’ the genocidal hate of the regime.

We are seeing the same thing in Canada, as the modern day anti-Semitic movement is driven in large party by a de facto alliance between radical Islamists and the academic left.

Obviously, this has no place in Canada, and all of us who truly believe in Canadian values and who truly believe in standing up for the Jewish community must speak out, denounce this surge of hate, and demand our politicians and university leaders take real and decisive action – including arrests, expulsions, and deportations in accordance with the law.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter