Does The Left Realize How Badly They’ve Discredited Themselves?

Years of accusing their opponents of being ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ at every turn, only to side with rabid fascist anti-Semites. It’s horrific, and completely discrediting.

If there’s one attack the left has used against their opponents more than any other, it’s been to accuse people of being ‘fascists’ and ‘racists.’

The left cast itself as the defender of democracy, the defender of human rights, and the opponents of those who judged people based on ancient hatreds rather than individual character.

Whatever else the left did, they could at least claim to have been somewhat consistent, as their most egregious overreaching was always at least in the ballpark of defending ‘minority rights.’

But now, the Western left has discredited themselves to such an extent that politics in many countries could be – and should be – forever changed.

Let me give you just two examples:

“Toronto – November 13 – at large “Ceasefire Now” rally, a song is played by the organizers that includes the lyrics “crush Zionism” and “we have fired missiles at our enemies”. Glorification of violence is discordant with calls for a ceasefire. 1/2”

In the first example, you have Jeremy Corbyn – who came close to becoming UK Prime Minister as the head of the socialist Labour Party – refusing to call Hamas a terrorist organization.

In the second example, you have have NDP MP Matthew Green – who never tires of telling Canadians how racist our country supposedly is – standing on stage at a rally organized by individuals who have said horrifically anti-Semitic things and who are basically glorifying terrorist actions.

This is completely discrediting.

Radical Islamists like Hamas are anti-democracy, anti-free speech, anti-Women’s rights, anti-LGBT, anti religious pluralism, anti-science, anti-minority (except when they want to tactically claim victim status in Western countries).

It’s not a coincidence that Hamas and other radical Islamists sound very much like the fascists of the 1930s, as there is indeed significant ideological and historical linkages there.

What we are seeing in this country and in much of the West is a modern day fascist movement marching on the streets chanting hate against Jewish People and seeking to destroy the very foundation of what makes Western nations free, and the same leftists who claimed they are ‘anti-fascists’ are siding with that movement.

And so, the response from people like us – people who actually love our country, support the Jewish community, and support Western Civilization – should be clear.

We must denounce the leftist hypocrites, and make sure they are – to the greatest extent possible – driven from public life through a relentless focus not only on their hypocrisy, but on how dangerous they are to our nation. The left has shown that when push comes to shove, they will not only surrender to radical Islamist fascists, but they will actively side with them against our own country and against our own values.

Going forward, whenever a trash politician like Jagmeet Singh – who was glad to spread Hamas propaganda and still hasn’t corrected the record – starts talking about Women’s rights or LGBT rights or minority rights or tries to criticize the Conservatives, he should simply be reminded that he and much of his party have chosen to side more with fascist terrorist groups than with good and decent Canadians, and then he should be ignored as the pathetic hypocrite that he is.

Spencer Fernando


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