Red-Green Axis: ‘Islamo-Leftism’ & The Threat To Canada & The Western World

On the surface, the growing alliance between the radical left and radical Islamists seems to make zero sense. But both have a common-enemy: The free nations of the Western world. We ignore this alliance at our peril.

Watching top Canadian socialist figures like NDP MP Matthew Green, former Ontario NDP MPP Sarah Jama, and CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn attending a really organized by the Toronto4Palestine group that has reportedly posted Holocaust denial seems to be incomprehensible.

After all, the left in Canada and across the Western world has repeatedly referred to themselves as anti-fascists, yet many leftist figures are now siding with pro-Hamas radical Islamists who are the very definition of fascism and are – in large measure – following the conspiratorial and genocidal ideology of the German fascists of the 1930’s/1940’s.

As absurd as this seems, it is actually part of two very disturbing trends.

The first is the trend of anti-Semites being emboldened like never before. It’s not that people are more anti-Semitic, it’s that those who hate Jewish People feel they can get away with their hatred. So, many anti-Semites are attending rallies, tearing down posters of people kidnapped by Hamas, chanting slogans of hate, and expressing support for terrorist groups because they think that the taboo against anti-Semitism is gone.

The second is that we are seeing the rise of ‘Islamo-leftism‘ in Canada and in the West. An alliance between radical Islamists and radical leftists – two groups who have very different desired end states but who both have a common belief in wanting to see the free capitalist nations of the Western world destroyed.

To understand the threat facing the West – and we must be clear that the vile anti-Semites who are threatening our Jewish community are also a threat to everyone who values freedom, democracy, and the ideals of the Western world – we must understand the threat:

“Political scientist Maurice Fraser regards Islamo-leftism as part of a “striking and recent abdication of the Enlightenment project of human rights, freedom, secularism, science and progress” on the part of the political left, particularly among the anti-globalization activists of the New Left.[19]

Bernard-Henri Lévy has described “Islamo-leftism” as “this grand new alliance between the reds and the new browns, of the axis which runs from Le Monde diplomatique to the death squads”[20] and as a sort of “anti-American religion”.[21] According to Mark Silinsky of the United States Army War College, Islamo-leftism is alliance of Islamists and leftists in opposition to Western values that can also be also referred to as the “red-green axis”.[22] Silinsky characterizes the black-green alliance between Black Lives Matter and the Council on American–Islamic Relations as an example of Islamo-leftism.[22] Alvin Hirsch Rosenfeld describes Islamo Leftism as “the hope, entertained by a revolutionary fringe, of seeing Islam become the spearhead of a new insurrection, engaged in a ‘Holy War against global capitalism”.[23]

According to Robert S. Wistrich, “[a] poisonous anti-Jewish legacy can be found in Marx, Fourier, and Proudhon, extending through the orthodox Communists and “non-conformist” Trotskyists to the Islamo-Leftist hybrids of today who [are allied with] the Islamist anti-Semites of Hamas”.[24]”

Reading the above, you can see how familiar this all feels.

The NDP encapsulates all of this, with their repeated attacks on Canada’s economic foundation, their leader who appears obsessed with anti-India grievance, their calls for a ceasefire that would benefit Hamas, and their members – both elected and unelected – who are frequenting rallies where anti-Semites are given free rein to spread vile hatred against Jewish People.

The NDP is increasingly showing itself to be the vanguard of the ‘red-green’ Islamist-Leftist’ axis, and we must recognize the serious threat this axis poses.

Of course, we must also recognize that obviously not all Muslims and not all leftists are supportive of this Many people came here from Islamist countries to escape radical Islam, and many leftists really did believe they were part of a pro-Western progressive movement.

But now that the true nature of the NDP and the ‘red-green axis’ is being made clear in all it’s horrifying anti-Western reality, people of good faith of all religious backgrounds and all political persuasions need to speak out against it and speak out in defence of the Western world. And we must continue to educate ourselves about this growing threat so we can effectively counter it and ensure that Western civilization, freedom, and democracy prevails.

Spencer Fernando

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