Poilievre’s Moral Clarity Stands In Stark Contrast To Trudeau’s Craven Cowardice

Canada is getting a glimpse of what it would be like to have a Prime Minister who actually possesses a moral compass.

Every day seems to bring a new flip or a new flop when it comes to Justin Trudeau’s stance regarding Israel’s effort to defeat the genocidal Hamas terrorists.

One day, Trudeau says he and Canada stand behind Israel.

The next, he’s denouncing Israel for supposedly not using ‘maximum restraint,’ as if Trudeau even knows what it means and as if he has any credibility whatsoever to lecture Israel about anything.

Then, after the backlash to those comments, he reiterates Canada’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself.

But then, he flips again, saying Israel is making the prospect of peace more difficult, as if there could ever be peace with the aforementioned genocidal Hamas terrorists.

Trudeau thus manages not only to fuel anti-Semitism in Canada by fuelling those who are seeking to demonize Israel, he also makes Canada look like a pathetic joke on the world stage.

Craven Cowardice

What Trudeau is doing is demonstrating both cowardice and a craven desire to pander for votes. Trudeau wants to win the votes of those in Canada who are anti-Israel, while also trying to win the votes of those who are pro-Israel. By doing so, Trudeau demonstrates that he really believes in nothing solid whatsoever, and that he sees some sort of moral equivalence between the democratic state of Israel and the Hamas terrorists. By willing to completely abandon Canadian values and Western values in the pursuit of votes, Trudeau proves himself unfit to hold office in this nation.

Moral Clarity

By contrast, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has demonstrated significant moral clarity.

While Trudeau was trying to blame Israel, Poilievre rightfully placed blame where it belongs – on Hamas:

“Hamas is a terrorist death cult that is determined to maximize the death and suffering of both Palestinians and Israelis,” said Poilievre last week. “Hamas is in violation of international law by using human shields and by using hospitals in order to shelter its terrorists in the middle of a war that it started.”

Poilievre and the Conservatives have also repeatedly pushed for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to be listed as a terrorist organization. The Iranian-controlled IRGC is a key sponsor of terrorist groups including Hamas, yet Trudeau refuses to take action:

“Justin—You allow 700 agents from the terror regime in Iran to operate freely & openly in Canada. The FBI warns that it is dangerous to go to Canada.

And yet you still refuse my demand to ban Tehran’s terror front, the IRGC.

What’s wrong with you?”

Poilievre has also denounced anti-Semitism repeatedly without equating it with ‘Islamophobia.’

And, when real anti-Muslim sentiment has reared its ugly head in Canada, Poilievre has rightfully denounced it as well:

This is moral clarity, and it is a huge contrast with Justin Trudeau’s craven cowardice.

Despite being the Leader of the Opposition, Poilievre has demonstrated a far more Prime Ministerial disposition than Trudeau. Poilievre recognizes the importance of speaking up in defence of the basic core values of Canada and the Western world, recognizes the need to unambiguously stand with Israel, and recognizes the need to crack down on organizations like the IRGC.

We are seeing a glimpse of what it would look like to have a real Prime Minister, and it’s clear that an election can’t come soon enough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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