Shut Down The Canadian Human Rights Commission

Attack on Christmas shows the CHRC – established under Pierre Trudeau – is focused on demonizing Canadian traditions and weakening Western Civilization.

Western Civilization is under attack.

We see it on the streets of our cities, with rabid anti-Semitic mobs chanting slogans of hate.

We see it abroad, with authoritarian regimes building up their militaries and interfering in our democratic institutions to try and coerce/manipulate us into doing their bidding.

We see it internally as well, with much of the legacy media repeating Hamas propaganda almost verbatim.

And now, we are seeing it from the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which is attacking Christmas and thus discriminating against Canadian Christians.

As reported by Blacklock’s, the Canadian Human Rights Commission is calling Christmas discriminatory and colonial:

““Christmas” is discriminatory, says @CdnHumanRights Commission report. Observance of Jesus’ birth is “an obvious example” of religious bias rooted in colonialism.”

“Christmas is discriminatory, says a Canadian Human Rights Commission report. Observance of Jesus’ birth is “an obvious example” of religious bias rooted in colonialism, wrote the Commission: “No one is free until we are all free.””

Shut it down

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has long been used by far-left activists in a way that reduces – rather than expands – freedom. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen that those far-left activists are hell-bent on bringing down Western Civilization. And so, we cannot – in good conscience – allow a government institution like the CHRC to continue operating.

It needs to be shut down, and there will need to be a large-scale housecleaning within the federal government to remove those are trying to bring down our society and who are trying to tear down Canada’s history and traditions.

In order to protect ourselves from external threats, we must stop our tax dollars from going to those within who are trying to weaken the very foundation upon which Canada and the Western world is built.

Spencer Fernando


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