Israel Vindicated As Evidence Shows Hamas Tunnels Under Al-Shifa Hospital

Wow, who could have guessed that the democratic nation of Israel was being more honest than a bunch of genocidal psychopathic Hamas terrorists?

While anti-Semites and terror supporters will continue denying the truth, anyone with even a shred of decency and commitment to reality knows that Israel has been fully vindicated when it comes to the Al-Shifa hospital.

It is now abundantly clear that the hospital was being used as an HQ by Hamas terrorists:

“Haaretz reporter inside Hamas HQ under Shifa hospital. 170m fortified tunnel, complete w airconditioned rooms, beds, comms+electricity, cache of arms, grenades, drones, a bag and sandals looted from Beeri kibbutz they slaughtered.

There was never any doubt”

“Much more footage here of Hamas HQ under Shifa.

Of course deniers will remain deniers”

Evidence of hostages brought to the tunnels:

Weapons found in the tunnels:

“After over a month of Gazalighting by people who didn’t want to believe Hamas—that Hamas—had built a command center under the Shifa Hospital, the @IDF has forced its way in. Come, check it out.”

Hamas has also admitted they built a bunch of tunnels:

More evidence:

Even BBC News, which never misses an opportunity to push the Hamas narrative, has admitted much of this:

Amnesty International – before they sold their souls – once openly admitted that Hamas used an underground network at Al-Shifa to torture people:



A long and detailed YouTube video showcasing a portion of the tunnel network can be seen below:

15 years ago, a comedian even made a joke about Hamas leaders hiding under the hospital – showing how widely it was known Hamas used the tunnel network:

“Edward Hunter Christie explained the situation well:

Expect the IDF to be vindicated as it gradually reveals the extraordinary underground complex that Hamas developed to ferry men and weapons around.

Expect the anti-Israel camp to find ways of saying there’s “no smoking gun” and, once a bit too much is shown, to quietly drop the issue, in the hope that audiences forget.

At this point, it doesn’t matter whether the IDF finds hundreds of items of war materiel or only a handful in these underground hiding places. The proof that the complex of tunnels exists and is substantial is enough for any reasonable person to accept the following:

– The IDF was right to point to this complex structure as a serious component of Hamas’ military-terrorist planning and operations

– No Arab who is honest can ever forgive Hamas for having, first, caused a new war which nobody needed and, second, for having so obviously and clearly diverted huge resources to creating this underground madness rather than taking care of civilian needs”

The key takeaway is this: While it is certainly tragic that civilians are losing their lives, the blame for this rests solely on Hamas who initiated the war by launching a barbaric terror attack, and then hid behind civilians and underneath hospitals.

The only real surprise here is that anyone is surprised. Israel is a democratic state, a nation where political leaders are held accountable and face difficult questions from the free press. Hamas is a genocidal terrorist organization run by lying psychopaths. Israel can be trusted, Hamas cannot.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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