WATCH: Senator Leo Housakos Exposes Hypocrisy Of The ‘Feminist’ Liberal Government

The Liberal Government – along with most of the political left – has abandoned their stated commitment to feminism and have instead elevated political correctness and a ‘hear no evil see no evil’ attitude towards surging anti-Semitism above all else. It’s about time they’re called out for it.

Since the horrific Hamas terror attack against Israel on October 7th, we’ve watched the left abandon all their stated principles and side with regressive psychopathic radical Islamist terrorists.

The NDP has in many cases embraced anti-Semitism and looked the other way as some of their MPs and affiliated union officials attended rallies full of hate.

While a few Liberal MPs have been principled voices standing against anti-Semitism, Justin Trudeau has shown tremendous cowardice with his pathetic vacillating statements in an attempt to win the support of those who despise Israel.

Amid all of this, we have seen how completely empty the Liberal claims to be a ‘feminist’ government with a ‘feminist foreign policy’ were.

Hamas is a hyper-regressive, anti-Semitic, misogynistic terrorist organization. Israel is a democratic country where men and women have equal rights, and where women even serve in large numbers in the Armed Forces.

Hamas committed mass rape, mass mutilation, and mass torture, and even planned out brutal sexual violence ahead of time.

If there was ever a time when a truly feminist foreign policy was needed, it would be now.

Yet, the Liberal government and the left have chosen this moment to be largely silent.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s rank cowardice.

And now, they’re being called out for it.

In the House of Commons, Conservative Senator Leo Housakos slammed the Liberal government for their hypocrisy. His words are worth hearing and sharing, because we need as many Canadians as possible to understand how truly despicable this Liberal government has become:

“The silence from many parliamentarians and all members of our “feminist” government regarding the rapes of Jewish women and the denialism of those rapes is deafening. ALL women must be believed and supported. PLEASE WATCH:”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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