Canada Must Cut Off Funding To The UN

The UN is proving to not only be useless, but to also be enablers of the worst of the worst around the world.

Many people call the UN useless.

And in many ways, it is.

It does nothing to stand up for its stated values.

It does nothing to stand against authoritarian regimes like China, Russia, and Iran.

It does nothing to stand against terror groups like Hamas.

But that’s not all.

If the UN was just useless, at least it wouldn’t be making things worse.

Unfortunately, the UN is often an enabler of the worst regimes and terror groups.

They put authoritarian regimes in control of ‘human rights’ councils.

They structurally enforce a false-equivalence between democracies and dictatorships.

And now, it has been revealed that United Nations Relief Works Agency individuals were holding Israel children hostage seemingly on behalf of Hamas:

“Israeli media reports that one of the child hostages was kept in the attic by a UNRWA teacher and barely given any food (not a shock for anyone who knows the UNRWA record).

Why is the US funding a group filled with those who coordinate with Hamas and are known to teach hate?”

“This is insane! One of the released Israeli kidnapped kids, who was held for almost 50 days in the attic of a house, says he was held by an UNRWA teacher. This teacher is a father of 10 children, who locked the hostage in the attic, didn’t provided him with any food or his medicine. Another hostage was held captive by a a Gazan DOCTOR who continued to provide care to children in the hospital, but not the Israeli kid. Teachers, Doctors, UNWRA staff, they’re all under Hamas’ control. They were there at the massacre on October 7th, and took part in holding hundreds of hostages, including women and children, captive. Source: Israeli channel 12”

In response, Germany is looking at ending their financial support for the UNRWA:

It also turns out that UN staff celebrated the October 7th massacre by Hamas and have been spreading anti-Semitism:

A Hamas terrorist also happened to be carrying a UNRWA badge:

Now, you may be wondering if Canada has been funding the UNRWA.

And the answer is, of course we have!

You didn’t think Justin Trudeau would really miss a chance to virtue-signal by giving our tax dollars to terror-sympathizers, did you?

Earlier this year, Trudeau announced a further $100 million in funding for the UNRWA.

Making matters worse, when the Liberals told Canadians that we could be confident our new aid to Gaza wouldn’t be given to terrorists, the ‘reassurance’ they gave was based on the UNRWA being in charge – the same UNRWA that looks to be complicit in Hamas’ horrific crimes.

Cut off the funding now!

This is sick.

And it has to stop.

Not a cent of Canadian taxpayer dollars should go to the UNRWA, and we should stop sending any money to the UN whatsoever.

There are many ways for Canada to make a positive impact in the world, including by working with credible aid organizations and by working with our fellow democracies.

Giving money to the UN at this point puts Canada on the wrong side of history, and it cannot be allowed to continue.

Spencer Fernando


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