The Foreign Interference Inquiry Is Rigged

The Liberals obviously have something big to hide when it comes to their ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Let’s not mince words here.

The Foreign Interference Inquiry – the one the Liberals spent so long blocking – is completely rigged.

“Canadian “Inquiry” Into Chinese Electoral Interference

To our Five Eyes Allies – note that all Government of Canada submissions to the “Inquiry” are under the direction of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (who is suspected of having gained electoral advantage and received money from agents of the People’s Republic of China).

Your Canadian “Ally” in action. Be worried.”

The government has put Trudeau – who many believe benefitted from interference by the Chinese Communist Party – in charge of the inquiry:

“More: The Prime Minister has designated the Prime Minister as the Governing Minister of the Inquiry into the Prime Minister’s handling of the Prime Minister wininng elections with possible help from China”

Additionally, Marie-Josee Hogue – the judge appointed by Trudeau to head the inquiry – has denied the Conservatives & NDP full standing in the inquiry, instead giving them only ‘intervenor’ status. This means they can’t ask questions of witnesses, and they won’t get access to all evidence:

Meanwhile, the Liberal government got full standing status, meaning they can access all the evidence and can ask questions of witnesses.

Others were also given full standing:

“Hogue concluded that Han Dong, a former Liberal MP who was removed from the party’s caucus over media reports he had benefited from foreign interference and Michael Chan, the deputy mayor of Markham, Ont., who has also been accused of involvement in Chinese foreign interference both have a direct personal interest in the proceedings.

The government and the commissioner of elections also got full party standing as did several diaspora groups in the Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian communities.”

This inquiry is clearly designed not to find anything that shows the extent to which the Chinese Communist Party helped the Liberals.

Trudeau is in charge of it. The Conservatives & NDP will be denied access to all the evidence.

Thus, this is an extension of the months of denial and delay we saw from the Liberals as they sought to stop the inquiry from happening in the first place. And now that it’s happening, they’re making sure it goes nowhere.

Clearly, the Liberals have something big to hide when it comes to Communist China, and they’re denying the Canadian People the ability to see what that is.

Spencer Fernando


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