APPALLING: CTV Toronto Inserts War Footage Into Segment On Hanukkah

After everything we’ve seen from CTV, there’s no reason to believe this was some sort of innocent mistake.

Yesterday, I wrote about how CTV had disgracefully referred to the “Rally for the Jewish People” as a rally in support of war.

Just a day later, CTV has once again demonstrated that they have a serious problem within their organization – a problem that appears to indicated rampant anti-Semitism.

During a CTV Toronto news segment on Hanukkah, CTV interspersed completely unrelated war footage:

“We are lost for words. This is outrageous

@CTVToronto you had 1 job. To report on the festivities kicking off in #Toronto for #Hanukkah, with the menorah lighting, and instead, you filled the segment with clips of #Palestinians & the war in #Gaza.

What were you thinking?”

David Jacobs said it perfectly on Twitter, as he noted that “someone at @CTVNews is a virulent anti-Semite.”

CTV has now shown a clear pattern of behaviour.

Their ‘mistakes’ never go in the other direction. They are never ‘accidently’ too pro-Israel or pro-Jewish. Instead, it’s all in the other direction.

And this leads us to the conclusion that these aren’t mistakes at all.

We are seeing that – like much of the legacy press – CTV is now staffed up by those who have been indoctrinated by universities into radical anti-Western, anti-Canadian, and anti-Semitic views. Thus, CTV is no longer acting as a news organization, it’s acting as a radical propaganda outlet at odds with this nation and at odds with the Canadian People.

Day after day, the legacy media becomes more and more of a hostile force that must be confronted in order to save our values and our rights and freedoms as Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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