Canada Needs To Repeal All Identity-Based Quotas

Our tax dollars must be spent as efficiently as possible, and that means only hiring the best. Enforcing quotas leads to incompetence and lower quality for Canadians.

Racial & gender quotas should have no place in Canada.

The best person should be hired, regardless of whether they are a man or woman, and regardless of their race.

Imposing quotas leads to hiring people for reasons other than their skill and competence. Thus, over time, that leads to a less skilled and less competent government.

We are seeing this in Canada, as the bureaucracy bloats up more and more every year, even as service quality gets worse and worse.

Unfortunately, rather than ending all the quotas, the Liberals keep doubling down. Here’s what Liberal Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan recently said:

Remember, when the Liberals talk about ‘hard work,’ they really mean they are about to expand their power, and impose more political correctness and bureaucracy to make everything worse.

A Liberal-created ‘commission’ is pushing to expand the employment equity act to cover more groups, which will in turn increase the pressure on employers – including private employers – to hire people based on race, gender, and sexual orientation quotas.

The far-left Liberals & NDP always complain if some group isn’t ‘perfectly’ represented in employment numbers, and then use state power to pressure companies to hit quotas for the purpose of ‘equality.’

Of course, this often results in discrimination against those who don’t fit into the ‘marginalized’ category, like White Men who companies will be incentivized to look over. If it would be wrong to overlook someone because they are a Black Woman or Indigenous Man, isn’t it also wrong to overlook someone because they are a White Man and don’t fit into a quota?

Of course it’s wrong, but the far-left ‘equity’ pushers don’t care.

It’s also insulting to groups like Black Canadians, and Indigenous People, because who would want to be hired just to fill a quota rather than being hired on merit, and who would want the endless doubt that goes along with quota based hiring?

True equality means competition

If we really want equality in Canada, that must mean equality of opportunity. If someone is found to be deliberately rejecting people for a job solely on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation, that is already illegal and is something we should not stand for. But to force quotas which end up discriminating against some Canadians in order to artificially boost ‘marginalized minorities’ is also wrong.

We need relentless meritocratic competition, not quotas.

The next government should pledge to eliminate all of Canada’s quotas and ensure that people are hired based on their merit for the job, rather than to check a box on some woke government form.

Spencer Fernando

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