Hypocrites: As They Attack The Conservatives, The Liberal Government Has “Walked Back” Sanctions On Four Russians

Why are the Liberals standing with the Putin regime?

The Liberals are going all-in on attempting to accuse the Conservatives of standing with Russia.

Even though they have zero evidence for their claims, the corrupted legacy press is still doing the bidding of the Liberals and pushing their false statements.

And yet, even as they attack the Conservatives, it turns out the Liberals have been easing sanctions against Russia.

Specifically – as reported by Politico – the Liberals walked back sanctions on four Russian individuals:

“Canada has silently walked back sanctions against four elite individuals added under Canada’s Russian targets — the latest removals from a steady stream of people challenging Foreign Minister MÉLANIE JOLY in court over their listings.”

As noted by Politico, the government published the removal of sanctions ‘cryptically,’ and “There was not a news release for the delistings.”

If the Conservatives had did this, the Liberals and Justin’s Journalists would have been all over it, accusing the Conservatives of working for Russia and being Putin’s Puppets.

And so, the same should be said about the Liberals.

Canadians deserve to know why the Liberals are choosing to stand with Russia and stand with the Putin regime.

Spencer Fernando


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