The Liberals Are Immigration Extremists

Flooding the country with people at such an unsustainable rate is an extremist, radical policy.

Whenever we hear about ‘extremism’ and immigration, it’s usually the legacy press talking about far-right individuals who despise immigrants.

Indeed, there are some people who unfairly blame immigrants for everything, and there are some who hate all newcomers. Thankfully, most Canadians reject that kind of extremism.

There is however another type of immigration extremism, and it also must be rejected by Canadians.

The Liberal government is flooding our country with surging levels of immigration, levels that are beyond any kind of rational justification.

Just look at this:

“*NEW* Canada’s non-permanent resident population now exceeds 2.5 million. We have a runaway train. The federal government has lost control of the system. Hard truth.”

And this:

“This is completely bananas. Canada’s population isn’t growing through immigration, but rather by a set of non-permanent pathways, where workers typically have fewer rights than permanent residents.”

This is an extremist policy.

This is a radical policy.

This is a policy that is completely contradictory to what Canadians want.

Over and over again, Canadians have made it clear in public opinion polls that we want immigration to be reduced.

Yet, the Liberals just keep ramping up the numbers.

By doing so, the Liberals are not only showing contempt for democracy and contempt for Canadians, but they are deliberately wrecking the nation.

Social cohesion and public services will crumble.

Our standard of living will keep dropping.

And housing will never be affordable, unless we reverse these insane immigration numbers.

And doing so will require defeating the Liberal immigration extremists.

Spencer Fernando


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