DEFUND: CBC Falsely Claims “Israel Started The Hamas War”

These pathetic clowns can’t be defunded quickly enough.

Following Hamas’ endorsement of Canada’s vote at the UN, it would seem Trudeau’s state broadcaster is trying their hand at pro-Hamas propaganda.

It wouldn’t be the first time of course, as CBC has long pushed a biased anti-Israel narrative, and has constantly refused to even call Hamas a terrorist organization.

Their latest move is to falsely claim that Israel started the war, which completely ignores the fact that the war started when Hamas crossed the border into Israel on October 7th and massacred, raped, tortured, and kidnapped Israelis:

As you can clearly see and hear, CBC host John Paul Tasker said “Israel started the Hamas war,” which sounds like what you would hear on a Hamas propaganda channel.

It’s no coincidence CBC is running with this kind of propaganda just as Trudeau questions the future of Israel as a Jewish State, and as Hamas thanks Canada for voting for a UN resolution that would leave Hamas in power.

Clearly, the Liberal government and their controlled-media have all gotten the message to try and turn Canadians against Israel, and we can expect more of these disgusting falsehoods to be spread in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Yet again, we see why it is so imperative to defund CBC, and why we need independent voices to speak out against the lies of Trudeau’s journalists.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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