Why Does The Legacy Media Keep Acting Like They’re The Hamas Public Relations Service?

Canadians need to realize how extremist and anti-Western the legacy press has become.

For many years, young Canadians have been bombarded with anti-Western, anti-Canadian, anti-freedom, and often even anti-Semitic propaganda at many of our universities.

In effect, the minds of many of our youths were given over to the enemies of the nation and the enemies of our way of life, who instilled hatred for Western Civilization.

Year after year, more of those young people entered the media, while the previous more pro-Western, pro-Canadian generation left.

And that brings us to where we are today:

A huge portion of the legacy media is now largely staffed up by people who hate Canada, hate the Western world, and instinctively side with Canada’s enemies – including radical Islamists and Communists.

We’ve seen this over and over again since Hamas’ evil terror attack against Israel on October 7th, as the legacy press repeated Hamas propaganda almost verbatim, and often even refused to refer to Hamas as terrorists.

And they keep on doing it.

Look at how CP24 and the Globe & Mail reported on the news that Canadian Citizen Judih Weinstein was confirmed to have been murdered by Hamas:

Both of those headlines read as if they were written by Hamas. They completely leave out the fact that Hamas murdered Judih Weinstein, something the legacy press has repeatedly done as they tried to muddy the waters and shift responsibility away from the genocidal Hamas terrorists.

As the National Citizens Coalition explained, this is why Canadians don’t trust the media:

Laureen Teskey Harper also ripped the horrendous headline:

“Has died? Was she surrounded by her loving family? No, she was murdered by people who probably laughed and enjoyed killing her. Maybe they even filmed it so they could relive it over and over. Come on @CP24 do better.”

Over and over again, we are seeing why more Canadians are turning away from the legacy press.

What Canadians really need to understand is that this isn’t going to change.

It isn’t going to improve.

Every day, more and more anti-Western, anti-Canadian extremists get involved in the legacy press. Thus, while those legacy outlets have the same names as they did many years ago when they were more trusted, the name is the only thing left over. Within, they’ve been hollowed out and are now filled with radicals who oppose Canadian values. And the few exceptions at those outlets are increasingly isolated and increasingly rare.

This is what we face going forward: Those like us who love our country and believe in Canadian values and Western Civilization are confronted by a well-entrenched group of anti-Semites, Radical Islamists, Communists, and other assorted radicals who want to weaken our society and take away our freedoms, and they’ve managed to worm their way into many of our institutions – including the legacy press.

And so, we will have to be strong, confident, and vigilant in pushing back against their lies to ensure that the truth prevails and ensure that Canadian and Western Values prevail. Otherwise, our country will be lost.

Spencer Fernando

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