Canada’s Authorities Must Understand This Is A Clash Of Civilizations

The will of our nation is being tested by those who hate the Western world. Failing to show strength and resolve will result in our country being taken over by anti-Semites who despise everything Canada is supposed to stand for.

One of the main reasons the political elites in Canada were both so disturbed by the Freedom Convoy and so willing to abuse state power to respond to it is that the Freedom Convoy was deeply rooted in traditional Canadian values.

Convoy participants immediately went to Ottawa, directing their protest in the direction of those who imposed policies like the vaccine mandates. Convoy participants were largely right-leaning (though there were significant exceptions to this), and held to a traditional view of Canada in wanting individual freedoms to be respected and government power to be limited.

Further, the Freedom Convoy was also deeply tied to the ideas of Western Civilization itself, with the West being the civilization built most around the individual rather than the state.

So, the political class – who under Trudeau are hell-bent on weakening Canadian values and demonizing the Western world – almost instinctively sought to escalate tensions and attempted to provoke the Freedom Convoy into an ‘overreaction’ that would justify the use of state power. When that ‘overreaction’ by participants never took place, the Liberal government simply acted as if it did anyway and imposed the Emergencies Act along with freezing the bank accounts of protestors.

The Freedom Convoy was such a ‘threat’ to the government precisely because it was rooted in the values that built this country, and so it had to be crushed by those who want to overturn those values.

The clash of civilizations

Now, we are seeing something entirely different happening in this country.

The so-called ‘pro-Palestinian’ protests taking place across the country are not actually ‘pro-Palestinian’ at all. Rather, they are anti-Jewish, anti-Western, and anti-Canadian.

This is not a protest directed at changing a government policy.

These are attempts to physically and psychologically intimidate a specific community in this country over a war that people in Canada have no direct influence on.

Further, these are attempts to intimidate people into siding with the genocidal Hamas terrorists, rather than siding with Israel – a democratic state based on similar values to Canada.

But it’s also something more:

This is a battle of civilizations.

Radical Islamists along with their radical socialist ‘brothers & sisters’ see an opportunity to not only delegitimatize Canada’s foundation as a Western nation, but also to turn us into a nation where anti-Semitism and intimidation is normalized. They seek to intimidate most Canadians away from even speaking up on these issues, and then to pressure politicians into pursuing ever more radical ‘decolonization’ programs that erase Canadian history and elevate failed civilizations and broken cultures above the history of our nation.

Many of our authorities – at least those who are naive but well-meaning rather than those who are cheering on the ruination of our country – appear completely unable to respond to this. They are stuck thinking that they can appease the rabid anti-Semitic mobs, and that by being ‘nice’ they can calm things down.

Ironically, this would have worked with the Freedom Convoy, since the Freedom Convoy was – as previously mentioned – well-within the framework of the Western world and thus actually would have responded positively to reasonableness from the authorities.

By contrast, the anti-Semites see niceness and reasonableness from the authorities as weakness. They see it as a vindication of their aggressive approach and their intimidation of Jewish Canadians, and they are thus incentivized to go even further. 

And this is their plan. They will keep pushing, keep taking more and more metaphorical and ‘psychological’ territory, until they have pushed the Canadian authorities into a de facto surrender. If that happens, then our nation will be lost. There may still be a country on the map called ‘Canada,’ but it will not be at all recognizable.

To stop this, those of us who love our nation and who stand against the anti-Western, anti-Semitic mobs have to speak out, and we must put as much political pressure as we can on leaders at all levels of government to take a strong stand in defence of our country.

So, whenever you see or hear about an anti-Semitic event in your neighbourhood, I encourage you to reach out to your local city councillor, provincial representative, and MP, and make it known to them that you want the government to take strong action to start enforcing the law against those who are trying to take our country down from within. Make it clear you have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism. And make it clear that you expect your elected representatives to stand up for Canadian values and the values of Western Civilization.

We can still save our country, but time is running out. The voices of Patriotic Canadians like us must be heard.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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