Critics Of Israeli Special Forces Operation At Hospital Make It Clear They’re Just Angry Israel Won’t Allow Itself To Be Destroyed

We have to see this for what it is.

Critics of Israel’s campaign against Hamas repeatedly and deliberately ignore the facts in their attempt to label it as ‘indiscriminate’ and ‘genocidal.’

In reality, it is no such thing.

In fact, John Spencer – Chair of Urban Warfare Studies at the Modern War Institute – says no country has put in place more safeguards to prevent civilian casualties than Israel has:

Israel’s critics ignore this.

And in recent days, Israel’s critics have had a real ‘mask-off’ moment.

Following a special forces operation conducted in the West Bank, where Israeli operatives disguised themselves as doctors and killed three Hamas terrorists – without any civilian casualties whatsoever, Israel was vehemently criticized.

The same people who attacked Israel for supposedly ‘targeting civilians’ and ‘indiscriminant bombing,’ (even though that hasn’t taken place), attacked Israel for an operation in which no civilians were killed whatsoever.

What this demonstrates is that Israel’s critics will demonize Israel when it conducts large scale military operations, small scale military operations, airstrikes, armored warfare, commando raids, special forces operations, drone operations, etc…

In short, they will criticize and demonize Israel no matter what Israel does.

And so, we can see what Israel’s critics are really angry about.

They are angry that Israel fights back.

They are angry that Israel has the temerity to survive.

They are angry that Israel doesn’t just give up and let itself be destroyed. 

They are angry that the Jewish People won’t put up with genocidal terrorists like Hamas.

Thus, Israel’s critics – the ones who criticize Israel no matter what it does – are not legitimate critics at all. Instead, they are a bunch of anti-Western, anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist extremists who want to see Israel be destroyed, who want to see Hamas win, and who want to see the Western world fall. And that’s why those who hate Israel pose such a massive threat to the entire Western world.

Spencer Fernando

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