VIDEO: Stop The NDP’s ‘Hamas Wish List’ Motion

On March 18th, The NDP is forcing a vote on a motion that could best be described as a ‘Hamas wishlist.’

The motion calls for a permanent ceasefire, an arms embargo on Israel, and the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State.

You can see why Hamas would be quite pleased with this.

A permanent ceasefire means Hamas stays in power, enabling them to rebuild their weapons stockpiles and plan further terror attacks against Israel.

An Arms embargo would signal Canada abandoning Israel, making it easier for Hamas to take credit for having caused Israel to become more isolated.

And the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state would reward Hamas for their horrific October 7th attack. Hamas would become even more popular among the Palestinian People, and would find it easier to recruit new terrorists.

The NDP may believe they are acting in the interests of the Palestinian People, but their motion really serves the interests of Hamas.

After all, the NDP continues to ignore the fact that there is a six-week ceasefire deal on the table that is being rejected by Hamas. Why does the NDP not mention this? Why is the NDP not calling on Hamas to surrender?

Giving a terrorist organization like Hamas what it wants will only lead to more terrorism, more suffering, and more death.

That’s why it is vitally important for you to contact your MP and encourage them to vote against the NDP’s ‘Hamas-wishlist’ motion.

Hamas must be defeated, not rewarded.

Spencer Fernando


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