Attack On Christians: In Ukraine, Russia Is Bombing Churches, Desecrating Icons, & Torturing Priests

Putin’s regime pretends to be a defender of the ‘Christian world,’ but that is merely a propaganda claim belied by their brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Regimes like those in charge of China, Russia, and Iran are generally quite terrible at providing a good life for their citizens.

But what they are good at is manipulating people, and not just those who live within their countries.

They tailor their propaganda to manipulate people around the world, finding the perfect ‘pitch’ in order to convince others not to resist.

China targets their efforts at young people on the political left (especially through TikTok), and Iran targets their propaganda at anti-Semites and radical Islamists. Russia targets their propaganda at the political right, along with a smattering of ‘anti-imperialist’ far leftists.

All have had varying success. The overwhelming majority of people in the West – including in Canada – view Russia, Iran, and China extremely negatively, but the nature of our open and democratic systems means that even a small faction identifying with a hostile foreign regime can cause significant political chaos.

That’s why it is so important to push back on the false narratives of our adversaries.

And that’s something Conservative MP Garnett Genuis has been doing quite effectively.

Genuis recently released a documentary called “Canada Under Attack,” where he explained the escalating threat that China, Russia, and Iran pose to our way of life.

Genuis also recently shared a video from Ukraine, which notes the truly awful extent to which Russia is attacking Christians in Ukraine.

“Spread the word.

Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has included the targeting of Ukrainian churches and priests and the misuse of religion to justify horrific violence against any Christians who don’t bend the knee to the Russian state.”

Russia has sought to take advantage of political divisions in the West by portraying themselves as defenders of Christianity, but Russia’s actions prove that to be a lie.

All Russia ‘defends’ is a very narrow vision of fascist regime supporters who hide behind Christianity while ignoring the Teachings of Jesus.

We all know there is nothing Christian about destroying Churches, torturing Priests, and desecrating Sacred Icons.

Russia is using Christianity as a veil in order to cover up their genocidal aggression towards the Ukrainian People.

It doesn’t get any more ‘unChristian’ than that.

And this should be no surprise, as Vladimir Putin – a former KGB agent for the Soviet Regime that enforced atheism on the populace and destroyed tens of thousands of Churches – wants to bring the USSR back.

So, while some have an understandable skepticism when they see stories regarding Ukraine because of how the media has been dishonest on other issues in the past, the fact that principled Conservative MPs like Garnett Genuis support Ukraine and oppose Russia’s crimes goes to show that standing against Russian aggression is not only the right thing to do, but is also fully consistent with Canadian Tradition and Canadian Values.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter