SURGING UNEMPLOYMENT RATE: Despite Massive Population Increases, Canada Still Managed To Lose Jobs

Trudeau’s economic policies are a total disaster, and only the most brainwashed Liberal partisans can deny this.

Canada is experiencing some of the largest population growth rates in our history.

Not only from a total intake perspective but also in terms of percentages.

The Liberals made a deliberate choice to rapidly ramp up immigration far beyond what Canada can handle – something even the Liberals are now admitting as they hilariously (and pathetically) try to campaign against their own policies.

A key reason the Liberals did this is to try and hide the fact that Canada is in a brutal per capita recession.

Canadians are getting poorer and poorer, and our economy is less and less productive. Thus, in a normal situation, we would be talking about a massive recession.

Yet, the economy is still technically ‘growing’ despite Canadians getting poorer, because the Liberals are flooding the country with people.

This flood of people generates some economic activity and gives the vague outward appearance that things are ‘alright.’

But of course, it’s a mirage.

And now, the underlying economy is so terrible that despite the massive influx of people, Canada still managing to lose jobs.

“Canada’s labor market unexpectedly lost jobs and the unemployment rate jumped to the highest level in more than two years, signaling greater slack in the economy that will test the central bank’s patient stance on rate cuts.

The country shed 2,200 jobs in March and the unemployment rate rose 0.3 percentage points to 6.1%, Statistics Canada reported Friday in Ottawa. The figures missed expectations for a gain of 25,000 positions and a jobless rate of 5.9%, according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg survey of economists.

This is the first job loss since July and the highest unemployment rate since January 2022. Outside of the Covid pandemic, Canada hasn’t had a jobless rate above 6% since 2017.”

This is the consequence of extreme immigration policies, eco-radicalism, and destructive taxation. This country is an economic wreck under Trudeau’s garbage leadership.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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