CTV News Posts Another Disgraceful Hamas-Style Propaganda Headline

Another example of why the legacy press is losing the trust of Canadians.

As I’ve noted, Canadian legacy media outlets are not what they once were.

While the names and logos are the same, the once-venerable institutions are now largely run by a new generation of ‘reporters’ who are nothing more than radical far-left activists.

This has led to many legacy media outlets taking a decisively anti-Israel, anti-Western, and even often anti-Semitic stance since Hamas’ horrific October 7th, 2023 attack on Israel.

CTV has posted many headlines that downplayed Hamas’ atrocities, headlines which seemed to be almost ripped from a Hamas propaganda handbook.

And they’ve done it again.

Look at this headline:


Reading that headline, you could be led to believe that this was some poor prisoner was jailed for decades and supposedly treated unfairly by not being released despite being terminally ill.

But it turns out, the ‘prisoner’ was actually a terrorist who committed absolutely horrific acts.

CTV News – who reposted a CNN story and left in the egregious headline – apparently felt it unnecessary to note what Walid Daqqa was actually jailed for:

“Walid Daqqa kidnapped, tortured, and murdered a 19-year-old named Moshe Tamam.

He gouged out Moshe’s eyes, castrated him, and cut off his limbs before killing him.

@amnesty makes him a saint. NDP MP @HMcPhersonMP retweets.”

Unsurprisingly, NDP MP Heather McPherson – who for some reason devotes much of her time in office to making it easier for regressive radical Islamists to gain power in the West – retweeted comments about Daqqa while also omitting mention of his horrific crimes:

Now, CTV News’ defenders will claim they’re just reposting content from elsewhere. But doing so is a choice. They could have easily edited the headline, or not posted it at all. Instead, they chose to post a headline that covers up the horrific crimes of a brutal killer, demonizes Israel, and spreads the kind of propaganda that Hamas wants to spread.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s another reason why trust in the legacy press continues to collapse.

Spencer Fernando

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