Poll Shows Canadians Are Getting Tired Of Trudeau’s ‘Post-Nationalism’

Canadians are starting to realize we’ve imported some horrific attitudes into our country.

It would seem that Justin Trudeau’s vision of Canada as a ‘post-national state’ with no core identity is starting to wear thin among Canadians.

After years of having Canadian history demonized, and having the foundations of Western Civilization – the greatest civilization the world has ever known – undermined at every turn by politicians like Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh, Canadians appear fed up.

A new Leger poll shows 60% of Canadians saying “different minorities in Canada are too demanding in their claims,” compared to just 26% who disagree.

Likewise, 55% say “Canadians are too accommodating towards the claims of minorities,” while 32% disagree with that statement.

Canadians are clearly reacting to things like the rampant anti-Semitism we’re seeing across the nation, much of which is being led by people who brought an anti-Canadian, anti-Jewish, anti-Western, anti-Freedom kind of thinking to Canada from foreign nations.

It’s about time that Canadians start standing up and asserting the primacy of the core values of Western Civilization, values like individual freedom, democracy, and capitalism. Otherwise, our country will be stolen from us by people pushing the kinds of backward ideologies that lead countries to total ruin.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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