WATCH: Having Wrecked The Economy, Trudeau Is Now Resorting To Class Warfare

This is how it always goes with socialist leaders. When their garbage policies fail, they ruin their country trying to blame and punish others for that failure.

Having wrecked the Canadian economy through a combination of reckless spending, anti-growth eco-radical policies, and insane immigration increases, Justin Trudeau is now doing what all socialists do when their failures pile up:

Blaming others.

In a recent video, Trudeau makes a clear attempt to frame his foolish capital gains tax hike as a class warfare move, seeking to further divide the country he has ruined:

This is how socialists always end up.

Socialists do everything possible to rob successful Canadians of our hard-earned money, and once that robbery starts to wreck the economy, they blame the very same people they robbed.

Canadian voters must realize that Trudeau is the enemy of every one of us who values freedom and prosperity, and his government represents an escalating danger to our economic future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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