Trudeau Keeps Talking, And Things Keep Getting Worse

The Liberals have been unable to answer a simple question: Why is everything getting worse on their watch?

Justin Trudeau keeps flying around the country making announcements.

The Liberals keep giving speeches, keep holding photo-ops, and keep denouncing Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre in Question Period.

Yet, none of it moves the polls.

And the reason is quite simple:

None of it matters when life keeps getting worse.

This is the fundamental problem for the Liberals, a problem they can’t fix by giving speeches or running attack ads.

Life in Canada has objectively worsened while the Liberals have been in power. We are objectively falling behind peer nations. Our standard of living is objectively declining.

All the talk in the world, all the speeches, all the spending announcements, all the promises, all the rhetoric, none of it changes what Canadians see all around us every day.

The Liberals had their chance. Over the past eight and half years, they’ve had their shot to prove they can make life better for Canadians.

They failed miserably.

Now, all they can do is go away and let someone else take over so our country can start undoing the damage.

Spencer Fernando


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