Socialist Magazine Jacobin Destroyed By Community Notes


While we can all be hypocritical to some extent, socialists take it to another level.

When they criticize others, they act as if reality and economic constraints don’t exist. So, rather than focusing on the fact that Capitalism has helped enable gargantuan increases in living standards, they ignore all of that and blame remaining pockets of scarcity on ‘the Capitalist system.’ In reality, scarcity is simply an inevitable part of living in the real world.

Yet, socialists don’t apply that same harsh lens to their own actions. They think it’s okay for socialists to be constrained by reality, but not okay for anyone else.

And this hypocrisy led to the absolute destruction of Jacobin – a socialist magazine – on Twitter’s Community Notes.

Jacobin tried to demonize WalMart for supposedly underpaying people, only for it to be revealed that Jacobin pays its contributors far less:

The key problem socialists have is that Capitalism is simply a far superior system.

Capitalism works, socialism fails.

And so, no matter what they say or do, socialists will never have the facts on their side, and they will always end up resorting to deception and hypocrisy to push their agenda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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