Canada Must Rediscover Our Warrior Spirit

Instead of having confidence in our values and our civilization, we have been burdened with endless guilt and doubt.

No society can thrive without strength, courage, and sacrifice.

Strength, courage, and sacrifice are what thousands of Canadians demonstrated 80 years ago, when they took part in D-Day along with our Allies to liberate Europe from fascism.

Those who fought in World War Two are called the Greatest Generation, and for good reason. They defeated a genocidal ideology, built many of the institutions that led to widespread prosperity, and then, after World War Two, had the wisdom to understand that communism had to be confronted if freedom was to be maintained.

They demonstrated the power of matching a warrior spirit with a strong sense of foundational values.

After all, values mean nothing if a society isn’t willing to fight for them.

But now, we risk throwing all of that away.

At this very moment, our country is being undermined from within.

Some of our own elected officials are working for foreign regimes, yet the Liberal government refuses to tell us who they are.

They believe we are so weak and so passive that we’ll just go along with our country being betrayed.

Meanwhile, there has been an ongoing effort to demonize Canadian & Western history, and even demonize the idea of Western Civilization itself.

Instead of having confidence in our values and our civilization, we have been burdened with endless guilt and doubt.

This has sapped our strength, weakened our courage, and turned Canada into a place where the only sacrifice we see is the sacrifice of our living standards so corrupt politicians can live large at our expense.

A morality of weakness, rather than a morality of courage, now predominates.

We prize mediocrity, conformity, and submissiveness.

This must not continue.

If we want Canada to thrive – or even survive – for another 80 years, we must once again emulate the strength of the Greatest Generation. We must confront the genocidal anti-Semitism rising within our own country. We must rebuild our military power and keep our promises to our allies. And we must once again cultivate the warrior spirit that saved the world from tyranny so many years ago.

Spencer Fernando


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