Justin Trudeau Sure Is Acting Like Someone Who Thinks His Name Might Be On A List Of Less Than Loyal MPs

Does the disloyalty go to the very top?

Sometimes, a truly massive scandal will generate a smaller reaction than a less serious one.

This is because a massive scandal – the kind that could bring down an entire government – has such huge stakes that all involved have a clear interest in pretending nothing is happening.

Since many people base their opinion of events on how others are reacting (the reason ‘fake it till you make it’ often works), a group of people involved in a scandal can sometimes get away with it for a while by pretending nothing is happening.

And it seems that may be what Justin Trudeau is doing.

In response to reports that numerous Canadian Parliamentarians essentially committed treason by working on behalf of hostile foreign states, Trudeau and the Liberals have refused to release the list of names.

And now, Trudeau is even attempting to cast doubt on the NSICOP report itself:

All in all, Trudeau is now acting like someone who is worried his name is on the list. If that was the case, the entire government would be brought down, and the legitimacy of the government itself would collapse. It would be a massive crisis, and the Liberals would face being branded as the ‘treason party’ for years and years to come.

Whether that’s the case or not is something Canadians can’t find out, as the Liberals refuse to list the names. Canadians have to ask ourselves why Trudeau seems so afraid of being honest with the people of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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