Karina Gould – Who Represents A Riding The Liberals Are Likely To Lose – Is Getting More Arrogant & Condescending Each Day

The prospect of defeat makes some people go crazy.

Karina Gould – the once-respected MP who has chosen to turn into one of Trudeau’s most pathetic attack dogs – has gone on yet another rant against the Conservatives. This time, she spoke in one of the most arrogant and condescending ways we’ve ever seen from a Canadian politician:

“Karina Gould humiliates herself imploring Conservatives to stand up to Pierre Poilievre who she calls a “MAGA-inspired leader who wants to be a little Trump North” telling Conservatives to cool down, go home, stop having childish temper tantrums & talk to Canadians.”


Aside from the arrogance, the constant attacks by the Liberals on the United States are absolutely disgraceful. The US is our closest ally, and they basically take full responsibility for our national defence given how the Liberals have gutted our military, so the Liberals should try shutting their mouths rather than attacking our greatest ally and defender:

What’s also absurd is that Gould is telling people to cool down, while she is well-known for going on unhinged hysterical rants:


What can explain this?

Well, aside from Gould choosing to turn herself into a pathetic attack dog for Trudeau, she is perhaps worried about losing her riding.

She barely won it in 2015, and won by 7 points in the last election. Given the Liberals are polling about 6-7 points below where they were in 2021, and given that the Conservatives are polling about 6-7 points higher than in 2021, the Liberals are quite likely to lose that riding.

So, fear of losing may be causing Gould – and many of the Liberals – to become increasingly desperate and detached from reality. Unfortunately, the Liberals still hold power over the federal government, meaning they can keep on doing significant damage to our nation as they and their bought-off media spread endless lies and attack the interests of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

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