Liberal Government Failed To Tell Canadian MPs They Were Being Targeted By Communist China

‘Beijing’s man in Ottawa’ strikes again.

Some things are surprising and not surprising at the same time.

For example, it is technically surprising that the Liberal government was informed that Canadian MPs and Senators were targeted by Communist China yet refused to make those MPs aware of it. It’s surprising because that is such a massive dereliction of duty by the Liberal government that it verges on outright disloyalty to our country.

On the other hand, it’s not at all surprising because the Liberal government has consistently acted like an extension of the Chinese Communist Party.

Still, this latest revelation is extremely disturbing:

“We have confirmed with intelligence that 18 Canadian MPs and Senators were targeted by State sponsored hacking group APT31 in 2021.

Parliamentarians were not told of the attack, despite the government of Canada having been informed in 2022.


We have become aware of a reconnaissance cyberattack from a PRC state-controlled entity targeting Canadian legislators affiliated with IPAC in 2021, including the two of us.

This is an unacceptable attack on Canadian sovereignty and on Parliamentary privilege.

As soon as the IPAC secretariat became aware, they informed us in Canada, and we worked with IPAC to ensure that all affected Canadian legislators were informed as well.

According to information shared with IPAC by the FBI, legislators outside the United States were not directly informed by American authorities when this attack was initially detected, because of sovereignty concerns, however the FBI informed their counterparts in other countries. In the Canadian case, the information was not passed along to those affected.

Canadian legislators should have been informed as soon as possible, especially given the progressive nature of this attack. Steps should be taken to ensure legislators are informed of attacks or potential attacks against them in the future, and to sanction those responsible for this attack.”

So, China targeted Canadian MPs and American legislators. The U.S. government informed their targeted public servants, and informed the Canadian government.

The Canadian government then failed to inform Canadians who were targeted.

How much more do we need to see before all Canadians understand that Justin Trudeau is acting like Beijing’s man in Ottawa?

Spencer Fernando


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