POLL: Majority Of Canadians Say Canada Is ‘Too Welcoming To Immigrants’

When it comes to immigration, the political establishment is ignoring the will of the Canadian People.

An Ipsos survey conducted for Global News reveals that the majority of Canadians are rejecting the open borders immigration policies of the Trudeau government.

The survey shows 54% saying “Canada is too welcoming to immigrants.”

These numbers are no surprise.

Under the Harper government, Canada already had some of the highest per-capita immigration numbers in the world. For example, Canada was bringing in about 250,000 newcomers every year, about 1/4th of the number of immigrants to the United States, despite the U.S. being nearly 10 times bigger in population.

Without consulting Canadians, and despite all the polls showing opposition to more immigration, Justin Trudeau has massively increased immigration numbers. He’s bringing the yearly total to 360,000 per year, even though less than 10% of Canadians have said they want more immigration.

And that number doesn’t even include the massive spike in illegal border crossers, something the Trudeau government basically encouraged on social media, and then did nothing to stop.

Additionally, 40% of poll respondents say that an increase in immigration could hurt the chances of Canadian Citizens seeking work. While the political establishment always dismisses those concerns, the concerns actually have a basis in reality. While a reasonable level of immigration can benefit an economy, massive immigration spikes have the effect of reducing the bargaining power of individual workers, as there are more people competing for fewer jobs – especially as our economy slows.

What we’re seeing is simply common sense: When a government ignores what the Citizens think about immigration numbers, and when the border is treated like a joke, there will be increased opposition to immigration.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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