WATCH: Elizabeth May Says She Takes Her “Marching Orders” From Foreign Official

“I take my marching orders from the permanent representative of Palestine to Canada” said the Green Party leader.

Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada (AKA her own personality cult), said she takes her “marching orders” from a foreign government.

Here are her remarks, in her own words:

“Particularly at a time when Canadians are increasingly concerned about foreign interference in Canadian politics, no Canadian elected official should get their “marching orders” from a foreign government & its official representatives.”

This is highly disturbing, and would be even worse if the Greens had any real significant presence in the House of Commons.

Still, seeing a federal politician say they take marching orders from a foreign official is a big problem, since our politicians are supposed to only take their marching orders from the Canadian People.

Elizabeth May demonstrates the same attitude as much of the far-left, taking a reflexively anti-Canadian, pro-foreign government approach.

Combine that with the unhinged anti-Israel sentiment that is prevalent on the far-left, and we see why May and the Greens remain mired in internal discord and national irrelevance.

Just look at how the Greens treated Annamie Paul – who performed very well in the leaders debate – yet was cast aside for refusing to go along with the radical far-left anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian narrative.

Paul had mistakenly believed the Green Party was trying to be a real party, when it is instead nothing more than a vehicle for Elizabeth May to get attention.

May should never be anywhere near power or influence in this country. We need leaders who serve Canadians, not leaders who take their orders from foreign officials.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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