WATCH: Poilievre Shreds Trudeau’s Disastrous Record

A brutal and factual takedown of eight years of Liberal failure.

Believing in a better future is a great thing.

We need hope, and we need to believe that our efforts today will pay off tomorrow.

After all, as human civilizations become more advanced and more knowledgeable, things should generally get better and better over time.

But that’s over the very long term.

A long-term trend of improvement can include many eras of backsliding and decline. And sometimes, those eras last many generations.

And so, within our own lifetimes, this process of improvement is not always inevitable. We still have to make the right choices.

It can be easy to forget this, but eras of brutal reversals have a way of reminding us.

And that’s what Canada has experienced over the past eight years.

Canada is a nation in undeniable decline.

On metric after metric, things are getting worse.

In 2015, the Liberals appealed to the optimism of Canadians. They convinced many people that the stability & steady improvement of the Harper era was nothing more than the boring baseline we should expect and that a new and exciting government would lead to an era of much faster improvement.

Well, that hasn’t quite worked out.

As Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre notes in the video below, a Canadian who fell into a coma eight years ago and woke up today would be shocked at the state of things.

It’s a fact-based and brutal takedown of the disastrous Liberal record, and it’s one all Canadians should see:

“Imagine if you woke up from an 8-year coma, today, in Canada.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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