Trudeau Economy: Wage Growth Keeps Falling Below Inflation, Making Canadian Workers Poorer

How can the Trudeau government and elitist establishment expect us to believe the economy isn’t in trouble?

The latest jobs report (if we can even trust Stats Canada numbers anymore), is the latest in a long line of evidence showing the weakening of our economy.

The unemployment rate – which is mostly a fraudulent stat since it doesn’t include people who have given up looking for work – stayed at 5.6%.

But the real issue is with wages.

Wage growth for permanent workers was reported as 1.49%, far below the rate of inflation.

What this means is that Canadian workers are actually getting poorer in real terms, as increases in wages aren’t keeping up with the rising cost of living.

And behind the top-line numbers, Canada lost 18,900 full-time jobs.

As we’ve all seen, good, secure jobs are less and less available, while precarious work is on the rise. Amid all of this, the Trudeau government is slamming Canadian families and businesses with the carbon tax, and rapidly increasing immigration levels, which reduces the bargaining power of workers.

It’s all adding up to a weakening economy where Canadians are getting poorer and prosperity gets farther and farther away.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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The unemployment rate also does not include the “self-employed”. That excludes many out-of work Albertans, a fair number of whom own the trucks you see in the protest convoys.

Gate 17

I’m reading the annual rate of inflation for Canada is 2.4%
As a Canadian here in Canada, working for an American company, I received a 3.5% increase the last two years. I believe this to be due to Pres. Trump’s policies.
Still, we are all falling behind with the CAN$ dropping.

Trudeau is a mess.

.Peter black

The continuing of all necessary steps to establish environmental communism. Energy East is our solution to Canadas oil dilemma. We need a strong federal leader to hammer it in and bring Quebec to heel. Guess what -Betts and puppet Trudope will never do it. Take a trip to Cuba and see what our prospects for our children really is.Wake up Canadians-its almost too late


I don’t have any faith in GDP or employment or inflation numbers in Canada. These are all controlled or influenced or skewed by the Liberals. How is it that our Banks are bragging about massive multi-billion dollar profits yet their stock prices are tanking. The tech sector is up a few % and every other sector is down, some as much as 35%. Hell, what few mutual funds I have which are supposed to be a fairly stable with risk being spread even across other mutual funds, are down over 13%. It seems the economy is only doing well in… Read more »

Don Taylor

I have said from the very beginning of Turdeau’s Govt, Turdeau is out to break Canada

shawn harris

Socialism is the system used by communists such as Trudeau, who like fellow communists use socialist economic policies to divide, weaken and undermine Canada and Canadians ability to live a prosperous life in a capitalist economy. The socialist economic policies Trudeau is using right now, can only succeed by using other people’s money and by borrowing massive amounts of money, otherwise it will fail as it always has done wherever it has been used. Like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and most European countries. Trudeau promised to give a kickstart to the economy, in reality he has undermined and destroyed the economy… Read more »