After Suspicious ‘New Trial,’ Communist China Sentences Canadian Citizen To Death

Canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg had been sentenced to 15 years in a Chinese prison. Then, amid a dispute with Canada, China’s Communist authorities ordered a new trial and he was given the death penalty.

Communist China has once again shown how they are unlike Western nations and are an enemy of our nation and our values.

The ruthless authoritarian state has sentenced Canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg to death, in an incredibly suspicious new trial held amid a dispute between Canada and the US.

Schellenberg had been sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly smuggling methamphetamine into China. Of course, due to the domination of China’s courts by the Communist Party, it’s difficult to trust anything that happens there.

Yet, and here’s the suspicious thing, China decided to order a new trial for Schellenberg, arguing that his previous sentence was ‘too lenient.’

And in the new trial, Schellenberg was sentenced to death.

The timing is clearly related to the Communist state’s attempt to punish Canada for the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou.

Of course, Meng was given full legal rights in Canada, and given access to the same justice system Canadians have. She was even granted bail, and is now at one of her Vancouver mansions.

But China doesn’t work that way.

There is no such thing as true legal rights in a Communist state.

And now, a Canadian citizen is at risk of losing his life.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And yet we are supposed to be building trade relations and allowing them to take over Canada!!! Why are people even allowed to travel there?? This is awful!


The PM of Canada is about as effective and respected as a “little potato”, the moniker that China has given him. China refused to respect International Law. If trudeau had any balls he would throw Meng in jail and refuse to release her to the US or to anyone. Then start arresting Chinese Nationals living in Canada. But, he never will, because he is a coward and a sniveling, groveling little weasel who hasn’t got the moral fiber or the backbone to “take charge”. He is too busy virtue signalling to the rest of the world.

shawn harris

China loudly and viciously complains about western democracy and our legal system. That Meng Wanzhou isn’t being treated fairly or being released to return to China. All the while China shows it’s version of democracy by kidnapping Canadian citizens and suspiciously retries an already convicted Canadian citizen because the verdict wasn’t fair or the one China really wanted, the death penalty. Which they now have. All to show how powerful China is and to force Canada into submission on what China demands.Just a mere coincidence, only in the eyes of the brutal dictatorship of the Chinese government. What this whole… Read more »


Trudeau is still a communist lover. Until he is voted out of office, Canada will reign as a subservant country where China and others can take complete control and ignore our laws.


China is using all this as as measure of intimidation and they will go through with it. They dont care. All they want is to look like they are winning. I have some chinese friends and they live in a bubble thinking that China is really like it is here in Canada.


No more birther houses, no pregnant Chinese women allowed to enter Canada, extreme vetting of all Chinese imports and mail as it is the source of deadly drugs. This is tough for some of us investers. Dump our Chinese mutual funds because of their Communist dictatorship but I hesitate to invest in Canada because Trudeau and barbie hate pollution created by Canadian industry and because our Banks are shaky.

PS: Trudeau admires the Chinese system of Government because they can get things done quickly.


I hope the US UCLA basketball team take note of this punishment.