Whatchu Smokin? Trudeau Says Seamus O’Regan Showed “Tremendously Positive Experience & Abilities” At Veterans Affairs


Seamus O’Regan is widely seen as among the worst – and probably the worst – performing member of the Trudeau cabinet. While other cabinet ministers are also highly unpopular, like Bill Morneau and Ahmed Hussen, Morneau and Hussen are generally seen as doing Trudeau’s bidding efficiently – with negative consequences for Canadians.

But when it comes to O’Regan, his performance as Veterans Affairs Minister has been widely panned.

From his comment trying to compare the ‘stress’ of leaving journalism to the stress of being a Veteran, to slamming veterans’ advocate Sean Bruyea in an op-ed despite Bruyea having his facts 100% right and O’Regan being 100% wrong (and then refusing to apologize), O’Regan has shown himself to be not up to the job.

Almost nobody has defended O’Regan’s failed tenure.

Unfortunately for Canadians, one of O’Regan’s few defenders is the guy who has the power to appoint the cabinet.

Here’s what Justin Trudeau said about O’Regan:


“Tremendously positive experience & abilities?”

What the hell is Justin Trudeau smoking?

O’Regan tried to deceive Canadians and particularly Canadian Veterans about the Pension For Life, then got caught in that deception, then lashed out against those who caught him lying.

He showed zero accountability, zero understanding of Veterans, and zero courage – being unwilling to fight (if necessary with his own government) to keep the promises the Trudeau Liberals had made in the campaign.

O’Regan was a total failure in the role. It’s total delusion to think otherwise.

And now, O’Regan has been inexplicably rewarded for failing at the Veterans Affairs Department by being put in charge of another complex ministry:

“Seamus O’Regan was given a complex portfolio (Veterans Affairs) and was an absolute failure. Now he’s given another complex portfolio (Indigenous Services). What does someone have to do to get kicked out of Trudeau’s cabinet? Disgraceful.”


Giving O’Regan another ministerial portfolio (which comes with big salary bonuses by the way), is an insult to Canadian Veterans, Canada’s Indigenous People, and all Canadians.

Trudeau is rewarding failure and incompetence, and the Canadian People end up paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

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