Hypocrisy: Trudeau Claims Liberals Will Push ‘Hopeful Vision,’ Then Demonizes Conservatives Again

Alrighty then.

As I’ve said many times before, Justin Trudeau’s election strategy is going to be based 100% on deception and hypocrisy.

Trudeau will make absurd and impossible claims – like his claim that the carbon tax will make families richer – and then count on the establishment media to cover for him.

Just consider the fact that the media has spent more of their time ‘fact checking’ and attacking the Conservative Opposition, while repeatedly acting as the propaganda arm for the governing Liberals – the exact opposite of what the media is supposed to be doing in terms of holding those with power accountable.

And now, we’ve seen the latest example of Trudeau’s hypocrisy.

On Twitter, CBC politics described sections of Trudeau’s recent speech to the Liberal Caucus. Of course, they left out any condemnation of his rampant hypocrisy, but it’s still worth noting what he said:

“Justin Trudeau just finished addressing his caucus, delivering a message that slammed the Conservatives and praised his own party’s record on the economy.”

“The PM says the Conservatives pretend to be “for the people,” but their voting record shows they made choices “All to protect the wealthy, the well-connected and the powerful.”

“He says Canadians voted for change in 2015 and “This year we’re going to offer that hopeful vision of Canada once again.”

“He then turned to focus on the election year ahead: “There is still much work to be done.” Says in the coming months the Liberal caucus needs to stay focused. He thanked the MPs for their hard work and sacrifices.”

How does this guy read his speeches without laughing?

How can anyone take him seriously?

He claims he’s going to be about a “hopeful vision” while demonizing his opponents?

He claims that it’s the Conservatives that are about helping the rich and wealthy, when Trudeau is a part of the elite and is slamming Canadian Workers and families with a carbon tax while exempting the biggest corporations (who have well-connected lobbyists) from the tax?

Trudeau’s remarks were full of lies, and that’s how he’s going to try and stay in power. As the 2019 election gets closer, the lies from Trudeau are going to keep ramping up, and that’s why we’ll need to fight hard to counter those lies and make sure the truth prevails.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Two quotes to remember:

A lie told often enough becomes the truth. V. Lenin

Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty. Joseph Goebbels

The study of history obviously was not of interest to JT, or them again maybe it was. Like father like son?!


“The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman thinks about the next generation.” It’s time to be a statesman and not a politician looking out for your own personal gain what a @#$%&!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Should be a fun year! I’m going to do my part in helping the Conservative team get rid of any thing to the left; are you? Come on folk, it will be a hoot!

shawn harris

Since Trudeau has no other choice but to rely upon lies, deceptions and fantasies, to push his fantasy vision of Canada. Then that tatic , in of itself shows he has no truth, honesty or integrity to offer to Canadians. For truly our wannabe emperor has shown off his new clothes and Canadians should be repulsed by everything he says and stands for. Trudeau also proves he is politically and personally tone deaf, as he tries to say how pure he and his Liberals are, while laying blame for the harm done to Canada by him at the Conservatives feet.… Read more »