LISTEN: Roy Green & Spencer Fernando Discuss The Threat Of Socialism & Communism To Canada

Every generation seems to face the threat of socialism and communism attempting to rise again.

There is growing concern among many Canadians that socialism and communism is on the rise – often disguised as being about ‘saving the planet.’

Environmentalism – which was once focused on important things like reducing pollution and getting rid of litter – has now in many cases been hijacked by extremists pushing for restrictions on individual freedom and seeking to reduce and even eliminate the economic sovereignty of nations.

In a growing number of instances, the agenda of those who call themselves ‘environmentalists’ (and are often actually doing a disservice to true environmentalists of the past) is disturbingly similar to socialism and communism.

I recently appeared on the Roy Green show to discuss the growing threat. You can read a description of the interview and listen to the interview below:

“A recent post on SpencerFernando .com entitled ‘I survived Communism – Are you Ready for your Turn? (An Important Warning for Canada)’ was written by Zuzanna Janosova Den Boer. Spencer Fernando joined Roy to talk about the seemingly growing attraction some Canadians have for communism, and why we should be wary of socialism.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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John Cox

In the Soviet Union and in Belarus today, citizens are not allowed to move to other cities even if there are jobs in that city. The government decides who would be allowed to move and who isn’t.

peter black

That letter should be read by every patriotic Canadian . Canadians with their head in the sand need not bother


Trudeau is a fan of and admires Communist socialist dictatorships. China, and his family controlled Cuba. Trudeau absolutely hates Canada and Canadians, and spends our money with no consideration whatsoever regarding the consequences.

Ken (Kulak)

Sad. I greatly fear that my children and grandchildren will have to go through what my wife’s and my grandparents went through during the Russian revolution and civil war until they managed to escape by emigrating in the early to mid 1920s. Their siblings were not so fortunate. My paternal grandfather’s two brothers and four of his five brothers-in-law died in the Gulag.

Ken (Kulak)

I also enjoyed your interview with Roy Green.

sanford thompson

Love you both. .please do this more often. Feel few Canadians know how influancial the un is in this globalis social engineering program.



There was communist presence at the Women’s March Canada.

Please watch this video:


Thank you, Spencer.

Major Tom

“The 45 Goals of Communism” as entered in the U.S. Congressional Record in 1963….have been almost implemented in total…in Canada and the USA….gradually….and….if not law, protected by law….
Without a national referendum or public input…..Google it and check for yourself….
Many of these goals are already part of the platforms of major political parties in both countries…