Premier Doug Ford Warns Of Trudeau Government-Caused “CARBON TAX RECESSION”

“A carbon tax will be a total economic disaster,” said Ford.

With fears of economic damage from the carbon tax spreading throughout the country, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is warning that the Trudeau government could be pushing Canada towards a recession.

Speaking to the Economic Club of Canada, Ford slammed the carbon tax:

“I’m here today to ring the warning bell that the risk of a carbon tax recession is very, very real,” said Ford.

He also warned of serious consequences for the entire country:

“A carbon tax will be a total economic disaster, not only for our province but for our entire country. There are already economic warning signs on the horizon.”

Ford’s warnings are important to heed, as the risk is very real.

Canada is already suffering from an investment collapsing, slowing wage growth, a loss of confidence among businesses and consumers, and massive household debt levels. The economy is already slowing, and a massive (and ever-increasing) carbon tax could tip the country into recession and severe economic crisis.

Of course, the Trudeau Liberals will ignore these warnings and keep pushing the destructive tax on Canadians. That means the only way to protect the Canadian People from economic damage is to ensure that the Trudeau government loses power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Steve Richards

Why is it governments and bureaucrats must always rehash issues looking for a new result? Look it up, Australia has already tried this stupidity. After two years of disaster, carbon taxes were reversed. Also, and the most important issue again, every Canadian could disappear off the face of the Earth tomorrow and there would not be a measurable difference to the Worlds atmosphere. What are we attempting to do here besides steal more of a Canadians hard earned money and head towards Communism, tax , tax , tax?


With tongue in cheek, I am doing my part to assist the Liberals in their quest to reduce pollution in Canada. My car, two cell phones, TV and our computers are all products of S. Korea. Printer is from Indonesia. Most of our clothing is American, S. E Asian, or Chinese. Cutlery, dishes, coat hangers and on and on are Chinese. Computer desks are IKEA. Vegetables are mainly Mexican or American as local greenhouse stuff is almost tasteless in the winter. Frozen Made in USA or Product of Mexico veggies and fruits last a long time in the freezer and… Read more »


Finland was the first European country to impose a Carbon Tax in 1990. With a population of only 5 million it employed 20,000 in Industrial factories. That steadily declined every year to just 6,000 today. Every dirty industry had to move to India or China. So the Carbon pollution is still being made but in a different place. Their un-employment rate is now 15 % for those 18 – 25 years and 11 % for those 18 to 64 years.