Justin Trudeau Has Betrayed Canadian Citizens & Legal Immigrants

Every dollar spent on illegal border crossers is a dollar taken away from the needs of our citizens. And legal immigrants are being pushed back in line while illegal crossers unfairly jump ahead.

As the cost of Justin Trudeau’s failure to end illegal border crossings continues to rise, he’s desperate to try and create a divide between Canadian Citizens and Legal Immigrants.

Trudeau – and much of the establishment media – are doing that by purposely trying to make legal and illegal immigration seem like the same things, referring to it all as ‘immigration’ and ‘migration.’

This is being done so that Trudeau can falsely claim anyone against illegal immigration is also against legal immigration, and he wants to use that messaging to win the support of people who came to Canada legally.

However, the reality is that Trudeau’s open borders policies are a betrayal of both Canadian Citizens and Legal Immigrants.

Canadian Citizens are being betrayed because every dollar the government spends on illegal immigrants is a dollar that can’t be spent on Canadians. It means less for healthcare, less for infrastructure, less for the military, less for education, less for everything else.

Legal Immigrants are being betrayed because those who follow the laws, and those who want their family members to come to Canada legally, are being pushed back in line while illegal border crossers jump ahead. Essentially, those who follow the rules and show respect for Canada’s laws are being punished, while those who disrespect Canada’s laws are being rewarded.

So, as much as Trudeau is trying to deceive and confuse the issue, the reality is clear: When it comes to illegal border crossings, Canadian Citizens and Legal Immigrants are on the same side – united against Trudeau’s dangerous open border policies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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