REPORT: Liberal MP Caught Saying The Higher Carbon Tax Is “The Faster People Will Actually May Change Behaviour”

The carbon tax is going to keep going up and up and up, ripping more money away from Canadian taxpayers.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals recently voted against a motion that called on them to reject more tax hikes.

And now, a Liberal MP has accidentally explained that the Liberals see the carbon tax as about manipulating and changing behaviour.

It’s social engineering and an obsession with control. Instead of letting Canadians make our own choices, the Trudeau Liberals want to dictate everything.

The statement was made by Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz in the Environment Committee, and it was exposed by the Conservatives on Twitter:

“This Liberal MP let slip Justin Trudeau’s post-election plan for the carbon tax: it will go up.”

Here’s the audio:

At this point there can be zero doubt that another Liberal government would mean endless tax hikes and a further destruction of the Canadian economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

Most sane Canadians will never vote for this stupid SOB PM

Ken (Kulak)

Sane being the operative word. The brainwashing and propaganda is pretty complete. He will toss his pretty hair a few times, the media will line up to sing his praises, and the vision of a sunny la la land will dance in everyone’s heads.

Sewer Rat

One can only hope.


The only behaviour being changed is investment fleeing Canada. The ‘somewheres” still have to heat their homes in Canada’s cold climate and drive to work. Even the buses depend on fossil fuel. BC has rising emissions and now the carbon tax that the gov’t swore would reduce other taxes is being funneled in general revenue for more big government spending initiatives on pet projects.

John Cox

The gift that keeps on giving, the never-ending tax intrusion by governments will never stop until the West secedes from this corrupt government and unites to form a new Republic under the banner of small government and personnel freedom

Dave Allsopp

Hear, hear, John Cox!


Buy these plastic cars that shatter at -25 Celsius and colder…
Had a 4 wheeler that the heavy plastic fenders shattered that way…


These Lieberal people must be made to leave Canada, they are totally brainwashed zealots, we must get our country back and move beyond them. If these foreign one worlders were really trying to help the whole world they would try to bring all of the people up, instead of taking everything off of most of the people while they hold the power and have all our money for themselves, and take our freedom away from us and much worse, as we are witnessing again in a once hardworking well off Venezuela whose people are dying on the streets of starvation… Read more »

Larry Laidlaw Laidlaw

Well, we were warned about the Liberals BEFORE the last election. However, legal weed was top priority for Canadians.

don morris

Is Ms.Dzerowich an ESL student? “…will actually may change behavior”?

Progressives of all political stripes believe if we kill off the automobile we will save the planet. Most of them are big city dwellers with nice transit systems to get them around.
But,like most of a totalitarian bent,they don’t care if their policies have a negative effect on someone else, only that they live a comfortable lifestyle in their urban condos.

Sewer Rat

“with nice transit systems to get them around”

I am assuming that you have never take Calgary Transit then. Where actually showing up is optional.

Dave Allsopp

Well compared to completely rural Canada where there are no street lights or transit…hell, no streets, Calgary Transit is pretty darned good.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Yeah, I think we all noticed her funny manner of speaking. I also call in to question her use of the word “actually” which means certainty to describe an uncertainty, with her use of the word “may” Seems odd to me but what the heck: do I look like an grammar teacher?


If it will change peoples’s behavior lets talk about the PM’s for a minute. Justin Trudeau chalked up more than 800 tons of carbon pollution in air travel since taking office. It includes business, vacations and photo ops. How will the PM’s carbon tax lessen his carbon footprint?

sandra c

Trudeau doesn’t consider himself a polluter and all these rules, regulations and carbon taxing doesn’t apply to him or concern him and he considers himself exempt because he is the PM of Canada. I don’t know how I can reduce any more than I have. My car basically sits in my driveway. My furnace is set at 66, even during a deep freeze and most of my lights are always off. Trudeau uses and pollutes at least 96% more than I do but I am paying the price, not him. Trudeau preaches but does not show by example nor does… Read more »

Dave Allsopp

In the eyes of the elites like Trudeau, you and I are the lesser expendables, the remainders of which, after severe depopulation will be subservient to the ruling technocracy.
The elites have no need to cut THEIR use of resources because there will be plenty for eons after the rest of us have quit using those resources because we are dead.


Any one over 50 will tell you that taxing the life out of people will have the opposite affect. 85% of Canadians are living hand to mouth now. Their behavior will change. It will change back to whatever is cheaper to use., what most grew up using. Coal, wood, kerosene space heaters and whatever else is cheaper. WHY? Because there are NO ALTERNATIVE energy sources available to use. An ALTERNATE, “READY TO USE” choice has to exist first obviously. Yes, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The “invention” has to come from Companies capable of making that happen. Solar, battery,… Read more »

old white guy

All the so called green energy products are neither green nor reliable and all require back up fossil fuel power, no exceptions. Those who refuse to back them up will cause untold death and soon a revolution that will destroy them completely. They need to get their heads out of their ideologies real FAST.


The Liberals have said this before, in various script. The Liberals know that the “people” if it comes to heat for their house or food will choose food. Or if they can’t afford gas for their car they will be forced not to drive. The kids can do without hockey, and can walk to school. Mom and Dad can either take transit or bicycle to work. Hey there is a bright side. Once this happens Canada’s middle class will no longer have a better standard of living than the middle class of a third world country, a globalist goal of… Read more »


Do what I am doing. Make a conscious effort not to buy Made in Canada. Manufacturing and production creates pollution therefore the less Made in Canada we buy, the less pollution we help create. My car, phones, computer, laptop and TV are from S. Korea. Same with all appliances. Furniture is American and some European. Clothes are almost all SE Asian. Tools and stuff in the garage and shop are either American of Chinese. BC grown tasteless greenhouse tomatoes were $3.99 Monday. Today the same ones are $4.99. Not a chance. My printer paper is a Product of Indonesia, and… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

Tax and spend for illegals but no money for Veterans. Dastardly lot this Liberal Party, let’s take away their status, while we still have a country.

David MacKAY

Trudeau is a dictator in case any in self-denial examines what is happening. The Federal Opposition is shouting at the wind and completely ineffective and ignored. Trudeau is proving it with anything he is doing. Trudeau’s only fear is pushing the envelope to far before Canada’s last election. Dictators us Tax to punish the masses. Later any tax relief is welcomed as mercy from the Dictator. The Carbon Tax has always been touted as a tax designed to hurt people if they use energy. To force them to use less energy. This is being done as the governemt’s of BC,… Read more »


this is going viral, very well done Spencer… very well done indeed.

John Cox

MP Julie Dzerowicz hasn’t done much in the line of real work unless you call being the Director of Strategic Planning and Communication at the Bank of Montreal, a senior political staffer to former provincial cabinet minister Gerry Phillips, and as the Vice-Chair of the Platform Committee for the Ontario Liberal Party. In 2007, Dzerowicz co-founded an environment charity called Project Neutral. She also was a founding board member of JUMP Math,[4] an award-winning non-profit numeracy program. All cushy jobs that have had little impact on the life of average people in the country. All of her positions have paid… Read more »

shawn harris

Trudeau claims to be standing up for Canadians and that what he is doing to us now through high taxes, regulations and now the carbon tax are what we need. Trudeau believes that for the economy to grow, that it first must be destroyed. That they way forward and to bring about his vision of a utopian society with wealth and prosperity, the citizens must be reduced to nothing more than indebted slaves to the state. And in his world, not the world most Canadians want to see and actually live in, freedom surrenders to his dictates as leader of… Read more »


Loved your rant. You really nailed.

Ron Jaremkow

The carbon tax, I’m afraid, will allow JT to throw more money around globally in his quest for a position with the UN. It will not be used for the benefit of Canadians or to pay down the enormous debt he has created. Hang on to your wallets folks, it’ll get worse before it gets better under this Liberal government!