SUNNY WAYS: Why Hasn’t ‘Mr. Positive Campaign’ Trudeau Fired MP Who Said “Let’s Whack” Doug Ford?

It’s almost as if Justin Trudeau’s rhetoric about a ‘positive campaign’ is total BS. But Trudeau wouldn’t lie, would he?

Justin Trudeau loves talking about ‘Sunny Ways’ and says he’s going to run a ‘positive campaign.’

Yet, every time he has an opportunity to make good on his rhetoric, he instead shows the opposite.

Trudeau is by far the most divisive, dishonest politician Canada has seen in a long time, purposely dividing Canadians for his own selfish political agenda.

And when it comes to his MPs, he seems to have no problem with outrageous comments – even threats against political opponents.

Here’s what Liberal MP Adam Vaughan recently tweeted about Doug Ford:

“Next he will go after young offenders & end ”free school“ in detention centres … instead of playing whack-a-mole; Let’s just whack him.”

This could easily be taken as a threat against Ford, and is certainly unacceptable from a politician.

And Vaughan’s ‘apology’ was weak, trying to weasel out of it and blame others “who took offense”:

If a Conservative MP had tweeted anything like that, the entire media would be calling on them to resign.

And Trudeau should be holding himself to a higher standard, considering that he acts as if he’s the only one who never goes negative (even though that’s total BS).

It’s almost as if Trudeau has been lying this whole time about running a ‘positive campaign’ and so-called ‘Sunny Ways.’

And of course he has been, because Trudeau’s entire political strategy is based on lies.

He accuses his opponents of everything that he is doing, always deflecting blame and refusing to take responsibility.

His refusal to remove Vaughan only confirms that Trudeau and the Liberals are the main source of anger and division in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Vaughan is just another left-wing Toronto radical that the Liberal party loves to accept into their fold. It’s not surprising coming from him. I just can’t watch or listen to Liberals anymore. The only way I find out what they’re up to now is by reading a Conservative website such as this one. I really can’t stand the Liberals anymore.

Dave Smith

Can you imagine the 5 alarm whine fest from trudeau & his propaganda media allies if the shoe had been on the other foot. The liberal cancer must be purged; vote 2019. Shared.


Perhaps I am showing my age, but years ago street slang to “whack” someone was to kill them…murder them. Therefore it is a word you should use with care, and never directed to another person. Considering the age of this Liberal MP I am he knows the street slang definition of this word. Add to this the other things he said that Ford might do was terrible. Prime example of “fake news”. An apology is not wanted from this one. We got his number and it is in the minus range therefore anything he says or does from this day… Read more »


That a deceiving Federal fake foreign controlled puppet government has to attack in so many underhanded disgusting ways even the “For Canada” Provincial Conservatives, along with the past Harper government and the current “For Canada” Conservatives, just proves they are an unethical, fraudulent, bunch of puppets. Doug Ford and Jason Kenney along with Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer should now easily be able to take them down and have them charged for the damage they have done to Canada and the threats and lies against the Conservatives especially now that there is proof of how illicit these LIEberal puppets are.


The threat was obvious, how dare Adam Vaughan try to wiggle out of his original statement! His statement was Malicious.

Ed Peebles

Justin is naturally stoned and is not fit to Govern !