“CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT”: Bombshell Report Alleges Trudeau PMO Tried Forcing Justice Minister To Intervene In Corruption & Fraud Case Against Massive Montreal-Based Construction Company SNC-Lavalin

This is a potentially massive scandal.

A bombshell report in the Globe & Mail alleges that the Trudeau PMO tried pressuring Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to intervene in the corruption and fraud case against SNC-Lavalin. SNC-Lavalin is a powerful construction company based in Montreal.

Jody Wilson-Raybould refused, and was later removed from the justice minister post by Trudeau:

As noted by the Sun, “A week ago, former SNC-Lavalin CEO Pierre Duhaime pleaded guilty to what the Canadian Press described as “a charge of helping a public servant commit breach of trust for his role in a bribery scandal around the construction of a $1.3-billion Montreal hospital.”

Here’s an excerpt of the Globe & Mail article:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office attempted to press Jody Wilson-Raybould when she was justice minister to intervene in the corruption and fraud prosecution of Montreal engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., sources say, but she refused to ask federal prosecutors to make a deal with the company that could prevent a costly trial.

SNC-Lavalin has sought to avoid a criminal trial on fraud and corruption charges stemming from an RCMP investigation into its business dealings in Libya…

Sources say Ms. Wilson-Raybould, who was justice minister and attorney-general until she was shuffled to Veterans Affairs early this year, came under heavy pressure to persuade the Public Prosecution Service of Canada to change its mind.

Sources say officials from Mr. Trudeau’s office, whom they did not identify, had urged Ms. Wilson-Raybould, Canada’s first Indigenous justice minister, to press the public prosecution office to abandon the court proceedings.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould trusted the judgment of the public prosecutor and did not believe it was proper for the attorney-general to intervene, especially if there could be any suggestion of political interference, sources say…

Since the beginning of 2017, representatives of SNC-Lavalin met with federal government officials and parliamentarians more than 50 times on the topic of “justice” and “law enforcement,” according to the federal lobbyists registry. This includes 14 visits with people in the PMO.”

And take a look at this:

“Those they met included Gerald Butts, principal secretary to the Prime Minister, and Mathieu Bouchard, Mr. Trudeau’s senior adviser on Quebec – whom they met 12 times. Mr. Trudeau’s senior policy adviser, Elder Marques, also met with company representatives.”

As Warren Kinsella – a former Liberal war room strategist under Chretien said:

“This revelation, if true, is a clear violation of section 139(2) of the Criminal Code.”

Kinsella added this on Twitter:

“SHOCKER: This is corruption at the highest levels of government. ‘PMO pressed Wilson-Raybould to abandon prosecution of SNC-Lavalin’”

Kinsella is 100% right. If this is true, then it is certainly “corruption at the highest levels of government.”

It would once again confirm that the Trudeau government only serves the well-connected elites, willing to interfere in the sacred independence of the judiciary in order to benefit the elitist corporate class, while the real Canadian People get screwed over on a daily basis.

This is certainly grounds for the end of this government, and an immediate election call.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Dave Smith

It’s always the same with the “liberal” scourge. Purge the disease running Canada off a cliff. Vote 2019. Shared.


Surprised nope! Did this actually happen? We will never know…for sure or not. Call an early election.? Not a good idea as the Conservatives are still spinning tbeir wheels as to what their platform should be. Timing too risky, unfortunately. Wooing of the eastern provinces hasn’t started, and is an absolutely necessity, considering how Quebec and Toronto votes. Margin of error must be near zero.

Jill Ward

what’s your point, Spencer?? Trudeau is a thug, criminal, tyrant and traitor! he has broken the laws of canada and parliament since the day he took office and, NO ONE CARES which is quite evident by the fact he remains in power!
canada is done and so too shall what is left of we canadians be in october WHEN HE WINS HIS SECOND ILLEGAL/FOREIGN INTERFERENCE AND FOREIGN MONEY CONTROLLED, ELECTION!

David MacKAY

This kind of revelation in an election year sounds like the old Guard Chretien Liberald are finally turning on Justin as being unfit to lead.

Major Tom

Tip of the iceberg! When was the last time the multi million dollar tax exempt foundations in Canada were subjected to an independent forensic audit…..to follow the money trail? Ever?

old white guy

Just how corrupt does the government and the voters have to be before sanity and intelligence finally kicks in? Canadians are very stupid and this is even more proof of what I have been saying for decades. There has not been an honest man in government in my fairly long life. Harper put the bank buy in into law, so can any one of you idiots tell me, just what a buy in is when it relates to your personal investments in a Canadian bank, I can but will not. Tell me when the police are allowed to come into… Read more »


Corruption Indeed, Get Trudeau out

Diane DiFlorio

Sadly, it seems that anything this PM or his administration does, seems to go away and no-one even gets so much as reprimanded. Things just MUST change!!!


Two things will mitigate the damage to Mr. Dressup, the average canadian voter does not care about integrity of the ruling class, only in what free stuff they can get from the government using their own tax money. Of course the second is a country with no free press will always protect the king, mainstream media is totally partisan in its support for the left as free speech is now a relic of the past.

Karen Anderson

Nothing surprises me about Trudeau at all.


It would be interesting to discover what kind of “arrangement” the Quebec based SNC-Lavalin had with Trudeau or his controllers. Donations or statues to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund perhaps? Hmmmmm? Trudeau has always assumed he is above the laws of the Country, that Laws, Regulations and standards simply don’t apply to him, that he can arbitrarily make himself the Judge and Jury and hand out $10.5 million to Khadr, conveniently and deliberately bypassing the Canadian Court System. Having been pooped on by her boss, I wonder if Ms. Wilson-Raybould would or had considered having a discussion with the… Read more »

Eric Blair

What is that now… the Norman case and now this SNC case. It certainly smells of Butts.

Brian Dougan

At last. A smoking gun. This weasel will lie through his teeth; but I hope the allegations stick.


IF the RCMP does not investigate fully are they in breach of fiduciary duties ??