CORRUPT COVER-UP: Trudeau Liberals REJECT Opposition Motion That Sought To Give Jody Wilson-Raybould The Chance To Speak For Herself

It’s a cover-up.

The Trudeau Liberals are officially engaged in what can only be considered a cover-up.

At an emergency Justin Committee meeting, NDP MP Nathan Cullen brought forth a motion – supported by both the NDP and the Conservatives – calling on the Trudeau government to ensure that Jody Wilson-Raybould was given a chance to tell her side of the story.

The motion also called on having Gerald Butts speak to the committee about what happened.

The motion was necessary, because the Liberals only wanted to bring forth 3 speakers, two of whom have already publicly parroted the PMO talking points.

The Liberals purposely left out those who are actually involved in the scandal.

And the Liberals are still trying to stop Wilson-Raybould from speaking.

The motion was defeated.

While the NDP and Conservatives voted for it, the Liberals used their majority to vote against it.

The Liberals won’t let Canadians get answers from Butts.

The Liberals won’t let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak.


We can only conclude that they have something to hide.

It’s a corrupt cover-up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


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Messianic Jew

Who said fascism is dead. Sure as hell not in Canada for sure.


I am surprised yet not surprised. I am surprised that they are using their power to stop, delay, the obvious inevitable. I am not surprised that the “majority” of the Liberal MP’s voted to support their supreme leader. Look at their bio’s to explain all. I want to know how each sitting MP voted on this. This is important to know, to weed out those who rather support the Liberal Party line v.s. Canada’s rule of law which made our country one of the best in the world. Remember it only takes one generation to reverse, erase, all that has… Read more »

Frances Gruno

What’s the big secret? Everyone with a brain know their liars and Justin has been lying since he got into power. If there was nothing to hide he would let her talk. But there will still be followers the snowflake bunch that will vote him back in.


They are CRIMINALS ! The whole lot of them….Liberals.


As long as the Liberals are in power there will always be some kind of a scandal and the Liberals will always be trying to cover their tracks all the while trying to impress upon us their imagined moral superiority to everyone else in Canada. You would think they’d learn, but no. They never do.

Robert Rice

I watched the whole thing and knew from the very start that the liberals were all set to continue with the cover up as much as possible. The original motion which is supported by both the NDP and the Conservatives – calling on the Trudeau government to ensure that Jody Wilson-Raybould was given a chance to tell her side of the story was not the motion that was put forth to the committee. The chairman of the committee (a liberal) allowed the liberals to bring forth their own motion instead. To me this was very telling at the very beginning,… Read more »

Ron Shaw

Liberal cover up , liberal corruption , yellow jackets needed , Canadians need answers . Canadians need truthful , honest answers . Enough liberal lies , enough eastern corruption . Now who is the embarrassing cousins ? Time to call out Canadians supporting lieing liberals , prove your innocence , let Jody speak the truth , then let’s see if the liberals and the head Pinokio lieing leader can look into our eyes and say he or his government did not obstruct Canada law and Canadian justice . I personally will never again trust a lieing liberal , never ,… Read more »

Don Taylor

it had to happen sooner or later Turdeau was telling to many lies for people to believe,but he always trying to hide something,he was always blaming someone else for what he had one and would never take responsibility for anything

Sharon Sharon Warren

We’re left with nothing else, they’re covering their backs as we have seen time & time again. What is he hiding?? These self serving Libs have got to go