Justin Trudeau’s Treatment Of Jody Wilson-Raybould Has Shattered His Carefully Crafted Fake Image

Trudeau has gotten away with a lot while hiding behind his fake image of being a ‘woke feminist.’ Not any more.

Since he became Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau has been protected by the armour of his carefully-crafted image.

Branding himself as the most ‘woke feminist’ of all time, Trudeau was able to make many people see him as an example of actual positive political change, distracting from the fact that he was just a different face on the same corrupt system.

This helped Trudeau get away with scandals that would have imperiled previous PMs, and won him constant positive coverage from the media.

And while that fake image has taken repeated hits – particularly his insulting comments about Veterans ‘asking for more than we can afford to give’ and his disastrous India trip, Trudeau’s image was largely intact.

Not anymore.

Trudeau’s treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould has been appalling.

He’s thrown her under the bus, demonized her repeatedly, and is denying her the chance to speak.

It also appears that he may have fired her from the Attorney General job because she wouldn’t do the bidding of a well-connected big corporation, and then replaced her with an elitist who just happened to be a McGill university professor – the same place where Trudeau and Butts went to university.

What this scandal has shown is that the second Trudeau perceived himself to have been challenged by an Indigenous Women, he threw her under the bus while using his power to silence her and prevent her from defending herself.

This cuts right to the core of the fake image Trudeau had created, and now that image is falling apart.

Trudeau used ‘feminism’ and ‘reconciliation’ to get himself elected. That’s all that mattered to him. When he’s actually given a chance to show real support for women or Indigenous People, he could care less, and protects his fellow elites instead.

His appalling press conference yesterday seems to have revealed his true self in a way that Trudeau always tried to avoid.


Of course, this doesn’t mean his defeat is guaranteed. In fact, now that the behind the scenes lobbying and corrupt establishment desperation is being exposed, the corrupt elites are likely to double-down on supporting Justin Trudeau, especially with both the Conservatives and NDP working together to get answers.

So, the next election – and the run up to that election – will be a brutal and negative campaign, with the establishment trying to keep Trudeau in power while making up lies and demonizing anyone who opposes him.

But there’s one thing Trudeau won’t have in the next election: His fake image.

That’s gone.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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