BOMBSHELL: New Timeline Reveals PM Spoke To Jody Wilson-Raybould About SNC-Lavalin AFTER Federal Prosecutors Rejected ‘Deferred Prosecution’

This changes things significantly. It makes Trudeau look even worse.

Yet another report from the Globe & Mail is rocking the Canadian political scene.

Initially, it had been thought that Justin Trudeau spoke to Jody Wilson-Raybould about the SNC-Lavalin issue before a decision was made on a ‘deferred prosecution agreement.’

However, that’s not the case. Here’s a key excerpt:

“Federal prosecutors had already rejected a settlement with SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. nearly two weeks before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with then-attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould about the matter last fall.

Court documents obtained by The Globe and Mail show that Kathleen Roussel, director of public prosecutions, had informed SNC-Lavalin on Sept. 4 that she intended to proceed with a prosecution on bribery and fraud charges against the Montreal-based engineering giant stemming from its business dealings in Libya.

Mr. Trudeau has repeatedly said he told Ms. Wilson-Raybould in a Sept. 17 conversation that the decision on the SNC-Lavalin prosecution was hers alone to make, but that concerns were raised about the economic impact of a conviction.”

However, the Deferred Prosecution Law does not allow ‘national economic interest’ to be a consideration in whether to give a company that deferred prosecution.

This makes things even worse for Trudeau.

If the decision was Jody Wilson-Raybould’s to make, and if that decision had already been made, then why did Trudeau speak to her about it afterwards?

This fits perfectly with what seems overwhelmingly to be the case: Trudeau and the PMO pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould to give a sweetheart deal to a powerful Quebec company with Liberal connections. It’s a potentially illegal attempt to interfere in the prosecution of a major corporation, and the Canadian People deserve answers, not more evasions and deception from the PM.

Spencer Fernando

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